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The Wolfpack

Your favorite American Ninja Warriors competed at the Wolfpack Ninja Tour

Ninjas and fans alike enjoyed the intense runs at Magness Arena in Denver, CO.

American Ninja Warriors & New Year’s Resolutions: Not such a perfect match

Really, they’re way too busy hitting goals all the time.

Hit your fitness goals hard with American Ninja Warriors

Workouts for at-home athletes and future Ninja Warriors

A word to the wise: Ninja Warriors lay out how to get on the course

Take their advice. They’ve done this before!

Climbing exercises from the Wolfpack will get you Stage Three strong

Meagan Martin, Brian Arnold, Ian Dory and Noah Kaufman discuss a workout designed to build strength for the course.

Ian Dory’s American Ninja Warrior Indianapolis City Finals run

The Wolf-Pup is all grown up.

Wolfpack advice: The importance of training partners

This week, Noah Kaufman of the Wolfpack discusses the importance of selecting training partners that have different strengths from yours.

Ninja-spiration: Meagan Martin

Even the She-Wolf needs a little motivation.

Wolfpack Wednesday: Breaking Down the Pyramid Pull-Up

Work on your upper body and core strength with this step-by-step exercise breakdown.

Ninja-spiration: Ian Dory's Motivation

So who helps the Wolf-Pup reach his goals?

Welcome to #WolfPackWednesday! Now, cut the sugar

We kick off #WolfpackWednesday with an important health tip from Dr. Noah Kaufman.

The Wolfpack welcomes you to American Ninja Warrior Nation

The Wolfpack celebrates the launch of American Ninja Warrior Nation with some personal thoughts.

Meagan Martin has really good advice for your life

Meagan Martin talks about falling, fear, and how she always keeps climbing.

The Ninja Warrior diet: Wolfpack roasted vegetables

Chow down on some delicious, simple roasted veggies straight from the Wolf Den.