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Team Ninja Warrior

Drew Drechsel out paced the competition on the finale of Team Ninja Warrior

Travis Rosen just simply couldn’t catch up.

Team Ninja Warrior recap: Championship finals

Who would face Storm Team and which team would come out on top?

Tiana Webberley’s winning streak came down to this race

Could she keep her record going when facing Barclay Stockett?

Joe Moravsky set a new course record on Team Ninja Warrior

It is ever going to be possible to beat this time?

Team Ninja Warrior finals: Championship start time and live stream

Which team is taking home the trophy and the glory?

Barclay Stockett’s come-from-behind win will make your jaw drop

NO ONE saw this coming.

Alex Curry’s thoughts on the athletes in the Team Ninja Warrior finals

The sideline host breaks down that makes each team special.

JJ Woods had no intention of experiencing his first loss during this race

Noah Kaufman kept close to his heels, but JJ kept his record intact.

Team Ninja Warrior recap: Part one of the finals

One half of the championship relay has been decided!

Karsten Williams just can’t help himself when it comes to hitting buzzers

He HAS to get there, no matter what’s happening around him.

The Floating Tiles flipped this Team Ninja Warrior race on its head

Michelle Warnkey and Joy Strickland were both caught by surprise.

Here are all the teams heading into the Team Ninja Warrior finals

Eight groups all want to claim the title of Team Ninja Warrior champions.

Kevin Klein landed an impossible dismount to score a point on Team Ninja Warrior

How in the world did he not end up in the water?

Team Ninja Warrior recap: Part two of the Wildcard battle

Who claimed the last spot in the Team Ninja Warrior finals?

Team Ninja Warrior: Wildcard part two start time and live stream

How to watch the battle for the last spot in the finals.

Noel Reyes had a great combination of skills for winning races

He was a consistent point-earner all season long on Team Ninja Warrior.

Thomas Stillings made a leap of faith to save his team

The Wings were about to go home when their captain pulled off an incredible comeback.

Meiling Huang adapted perfectly to avoid a plunge on Team Ninja Warrior

She assessed the situation and pulled off an incredible move to make sure she hit the buzzer.

Jamie Rahn learned how to fly to beat Jon Alexis Jr in this heat

If he hadn’t earned those two points, the Superhero Squad would have lost the match then and there.

Dan Polizzi was in a rush to get this race over with

Why waste time? Let’s keep this show on the road!

Team Ninja Warrior recap: Part one of the Wildcard battle

Three teams missed their last shot for salvation in this game.

Here are the obstacles and rules for Team Ninja Warrior

Knowledge is power.

This Team Ninja Warrior relay race was too close to call till the very end

Team Ronin vs Towers of Power

Tiana Webberley and Jeri D'Aurelio’s race all came down to one moment on the Warped Wall

The Wall has a way of giving every run some added suspense.

Team Ninja Warrior recap: Qualifying week 7

One obstacle managed to burn a lot of Ninjas.

Team Ninja Warrior: Qualifying week 7 start time and live stream

How to watch the last week of qualifiers.

Lorin Ball couldn’t keep up with Noel Reyes during this Knockout Round

Noel just expanded on his previous success with his second run.

Jesse Labreck might have been a rookie, but she was no novice on the Team Ninja Warrior course

She flawlessly handled her first race.

Noel Reyes and Mike Bernardo had to fight till the finish in this Team Ninja Warrior run

There was no room for looking back. No room for errors.

Team Ninja Warrior recap: Qualifying week 6

Nothing is set in stone.

Team Ninja Warrior: Qualifying week 6 start time and live stream

How to watch the new episode and catch up on what you might have missed.

Karsten Williams proved why he named his team the Fast Kats

This Team Ninja Warrior run was flawless.