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Season 9 Obstacles

List of nightmares: National Finals obstacles

22 obstacles stood between the Ninjas and their chance to climb for $1 million.

List of nightmares: Denver obstacles

Even at the last stop before the National Finals, the course didn’t let up on the Ninjas.

List of nightmares: Cleveland obstacles

Only 2 Ninjas could beat the Nail Clipper. Then they went all the way to the buzzer.

List of nightmares: Kansas City obstacles

Not one Ninja was able to beat all 10 obstacles back to back.

List of nightmares: Daytona obstacles

The Wingnuts, Rolling Thunder and Giant Cubes proved to be one heck of a combo.

List of nightmares: San Antonio obstacles

Only one Ninja was able to defeat the entire course.

List of nightmares: The Los Angeles obstacles

Season nine kicked off on the backlot of Universal Studios with 10 grueling obstacles.