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List of nightmares: American Ninja Warrior National Finals obstacles

In season eight, the course won.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

After an intense season of American Ninja Warrior, we finally arrived at the season eight National Finals in Las Vegas. After all of the obstacles we had seen over the various cities, we knew this was not going to be a walk in the park.

The Stage One course had only 17 completions. It was obstacles like the Giant Log Grip and the Flying Squirrel causing damage.

Stage Two allowed only two Ninjas to pass. The Double Wedge and the Wave Runner allowed zero room for error.

Stage Three took out the final two Ninjas, Daniel Gil and Drew Drechsel. The incredibly upper-body intensive course left them totally sapped of their energy.

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National Finals Stage One:

  • Snake Run
David Becker/NBC
  • Propeller Bar
David Becker/NBC
  • Giant Log Grip
David Becker/NBC
  • Jumping Spider
David Becker/NBC
  • Sonic Curve
David Becker/NBC
  • Warped Wall
David Becker/NBC
  • Broken Bridge
David Becker/NBC
  • Flying Squirrel
David Becker/NBC

Ninja Killer: Giant Log Grip (Night One)

  • 28/35 Ninjas who attempted the Giant Log Grip on Night One completed it
  • Completion rate of 73.08%

A closer look at Snake Run, Broken Bridge and the Flying Squirrel:

National Finals Stage Two:

  • Giant Ring Swing
David Becker/NBC
  • Down Up Salmon Ladder
David Becker/NBC
  • Wave Runner
David Becker/NBC
  • Butterfly Wall
David Becker/NBC
  • Double Wedge
David Becker/NBC
  • Wall Flip

Ninja Killer: The whole course

  • 2/17 Ninjas who attempted Stage Two completed it
  • Completion rate of 11.76%

A closer look at the Giant Ring Swing and Double Wedge:

National Finals Stage Three:

  • Keylock Hang
David Becker/NBC
  • Floating Boards
David Becker/NBC
  • Ultimate Cliffhanger
David Becker/NBC
  • Curved Body Prop
David Becker/NBC
  • Hang Climb
  • Walking Bar
  • Flying Bar

A closer look at the Ultimate Cliffhanger and Curved Body Prop:

What do you think? Was the course “impossible” this year? Which obstacle would you LEAST want to see in front of you on American Ninja Warrior?

Tell us in the comments here!