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List of nightmares: The American Ninja Warrior Philadelphia obstacles

Philly was full of “firsts.” Not all of them good.

John Baer/NBC

To say the American Ninja Warrior courses in Philadelphia were “tough” would be an understatement. Between the Rolling Thunder and Stair Hopper obstacles only two Ninjas had a shot at the buzzer.

But neither Joe Moravsky or Chris Wilczewski had the strength left to complete the Invisible Ladder.

While Philadelphia will go down in history as the first city to have four female Ninjas advance to the City Finales, it will also be know as the first City Finals course to have no finishers.

Full recap of the Philadelphia City Finals available here.


  • Floating Steps
Mitchell Leff/NBC
  • Log Grip
  • Paddle Boards
Mitchell Leff/NBC
  • Wall Drop
Mitchell Leff/NBC
  • Rolling Thunder
Mitchell Leff/NBC
  • Warped Wall

Ninja Killer: Rolling Thunder

  • 9/32 of Ninjas who attempted Rolling Thunder completed it
  • Completion rate of 28.13%

A closer look at the Wall Drop:

Added for City Finals:

  • Salmon Ladder
Mitchell Leff/NBC
  • Flying Shelf Grab
Mitchell Leff/NBC
  • Stair Hopper
Mitchell Leff/NBC
  • Invisible Ladder
Mitchell Leff/NBC

Ninja Killer: Stair Hopper

  • 2/10 Ninjas who attempted the Stair Hopper completed it
  • Completion rate of 20%

A closer look at the Stair Hopper: