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List of nightmares: The American Ninja Warrior Oklahoma City obstacles

Thomas Stillings and Daniel Gil raced for the fastest time against a scary course.

Jeff Marks/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior Oklahoma City Qualifying and Finals courses were deceptive to say the least.

Getting across the Log Runner almost seemed like a matter of luck. The Tire Swing took what looked like a simple lache’ and put a twist ending on it.

On the back half the course, Ninjas like Daniel Gil and Thomas Stillings had to exhaust their grip strength on Bungee Road and the Window Hang before even getting to the Invisible Ladder.

How far would you have made it on this course?

Full recap of the Oklahoma City Finals here.

Oklahoma City:

  • Floating Steps
Brett Deering/NBC
  • Ring Swing
Brett Deering/NBC
  • Log Runner
Brett Deering/NBC
  • Tire Swing
Brett Deering/NBC
  • Bar Hop
Brett Deering/NBC
  • Warped Wall

Ninja Killer: The Tire Swing

  • 11/36 Ninjas who attempted the Tire Swing completed it
  • Completion rate of 69%

Breaking down the Log Runner:

Added for City Finals:

  • Salmon Ladder
Brett Deering/NBC
  • Bungee Road
Brett Deering/NBC
  • Window Hang
Brett Deering/NBC
  • Invisible Ladder
Brett Deering/NBC

Ninja Killer: Window Hang

  • 3/8 Ninjas who attempted the Window Hang completed it
  • Completion rate of 37.5%

Breaking down the Window Hang: