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List of nightmares: The American Ninja Warrior Indianapolis obstacles

How did they even stand up after the Rolling Log?

Dylan Buell/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior Indianapolis Qualifying and Finals courses were dominated by the Wolfpack. The training team from Colorado sent Meagan Martin, Brian Arnold and Ian Dory to the National Finals.

But in order to get there, they faced the Rolling Log, an obstacle designed to scramble your brains. This was then followed by the Disc Runner and the brand new Circuit Board.

In the end though, it was still the Hourglass Drop that would prove to be a real challenge, confirming the trend that any obstacle with a trampoline would prove to be a struggle this season.

Full recap of the Indianapolis Finals here.


  • Floating Steps
Joe Robbins/NBC
  • Rolling Log
  • Fly Wheels
Joe Robbins/NBC
  • Disc Runner
Joe Robbins/NBC
  • Swinging Spikes
Joe Robbins/NBC
  • Warped Wall
Joe Robbins/NBC

Ninja Killer: The Fly Wheels

  • 35/43 Ninjas who attempted the Fly Wheels completed it
  • Completion rate of 81.4%

Breaking down the Disc Runner:

Added for City Finals:

  • Salmon Ladder
Joe Robbins/NBC
  • Hourglass Drop
Joe Robbins/NBC
  • Circuit Board
Joe Robbins/NBC
  • Invisible Ladder
Joe Robbins/NBC

Ninja Killer: Hourglass Drop

  • 8/16 Ninjas who attempted the Hourglass Drop completed it.
  • Completion rate of 50%

Take a closer look at the Circuit Board: