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Ninja Warrior Weekly

Ninja Warrior’s crew and competitors share their favorite moments

They shared their thoughts with Allyson Felix for Ninja Warrior Weekly.

Jake Murray gives a play-by-play breakdown of his Stage One run

Check out the exclusive interview he gave Ninja Warrior Weekly.

Mathis Owhadi looked back at his lightning fast run for Ninja Warrior Weekly

Allyson Felix had the big task of breaking down the episode.

Take a look at some of this season’s wildest costumes

Allyson Felix reviewed this year’s fashion moments on Ninja Warrior Weekly

Take a first look at Philadelphia’s new Captain’s Wheel

Alex Weber and Allyson Felix previewed the obstacle on Ninja Warrior Weekly.

Jessie Graff talks to Ninja Warrior Weekly about her City Finals run

The episode also featured a cross-over with ANW Nation.

Kevin Bull talks with Allyson Felix on how he’s prepping for the National Finals

This episode of Ninja Warrior Weekly breaks down the LA City Finals.

Allyson Felix breaks down the Minneapolis Qualifiers

Bugs, body surfing, and lots of buzzers.

Mega Wall stats and Michelle Warnky star on this Ninja Warrior Weekly

Michelle on the Philadelphia Qualifiers, and who’s taken home the $10k so far.

Find out how Isaac Caldiero preps for the course on Ninja Warrior Weekly

Allyson Felix got the returning champion to open his bag of tricks.

Ninja Warrior Weekly host Allyson Felix is definitely a Jessie Graff fan

Really, who isn’t a fan?

Allyson Felix breaks down the Doorknob Drop

Also, help her pick a Warrior of the Week.

Watch the new digital series, Ninja Warrior Weekly

The show is hosted by Olympic sprinter, Allyson Felix.