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Ninja vs Ninja

Jesse Labreck dishes on Labreckfast Club’s championship run

A behind the scenes look at Labreckfast Club’s incredible final races

Ninja vs Ninja recap: A champion has been crowned

Find out how Labreckfast Club chewed up the finals course

How to watch the Ninja vs Ninja finale

It all comes down to this

Your Preview for the Ninja vs Ninja Finale

Prepare for the epic conclusion.

Ninja vs Ninja recap: The final four is set

The playoffs concluded with a final match-up worth watching on repeat.

How to watch Ninja vs Ninja: Last round of the playoffs

The final four will be set after this!

Team captain Brian Arnold on Party Time’s fight to the finals

His team beat out the Tri-Hards over five long races.

Ninja vs Ninja recap: Tough competition leads to grueling wins

This episode featured a punishing final round.

How to watch Ninja vs Ninja: Round 3 of the playoffs

Hashtag Ninjas, Tri-Hards, Party Time, and the Lizard Kings face off.

Jesse Labreck on that history-making Ninja vs Ninja relay

Team work and guts made Ninja vs Ninja history.

Ninja vs Ninja recap: A team captain became a legend

We saw two finishes on the extended course that will change the future of Ninja vs Ninja.

Programming note: Ninja vs Ninja will be delayed one week

There is no episode on Monday, May 21.

Daniel Gil on how his team held on with an Iron Grip

His team is the first through to the Ninja vs Ninja finals.

Ninja vs Ninja recap: These playoffs are not a game

We’re seeing a whole new level of determination from these Ninjas.

Wildcard captains reflect on their Ninja vs Ninja comebacks

They might have been down, but they never considered themselves out.

Ninja vs Ninja recap: The last 8 wildcard teams went into battle

The ‘sweet 16’ heading into the playoffs is now complete!

How to watch the second Ninja vs Ninja wildcard episode

Eight teams will face off for the last four spots in the playoffs

Watch the wildcard teams give it their all in these full runs

The first half the wildcard round gave us six teams looking for redemption.

Ninja vs Ninja recap: Welcome to the wild west of the wildcard round

The teams had one last chance and there was no way they were going to waste it.

Ninja vs Ninja’s wildcard teams and new format changes

Now, they will only need to survive one match-up to advance.

Watch the shocking upsets and falls from Ninja vs Ninja

The last week of qualifiers still had plenty of action to share!

Sean Bryan on outpacing the competition and surviving that dang obstacle

There was a big roadblock on the Ninja vs Ninja course. The Tri Hards had to find a way around it.

Ninja vs Ninja recap: Never underestimate any obstacle

When the Ninjas focused just on the competition, the course exploited every moment of weakness.

How to watch Ninja vs Ninja: The final night of qualifiers

There’s only one spot left in the playoffs before the wildcard round.

These Ninja vs Ninja heats where anything but predictable

Watch highlighted runs from Ninja vs Ninja’s eighth week of qualifiers.

Najee Richardson built a team that picks up where his skills leave off

Phoenix Force consists of three Ninjas whose strengths come together.

Ninja vs Ninja recap: Competitors faced an unexpected cold front

The rookies brought their A-game, but could they hold their own against the more experienced teams?

Matt and Akbar’s genuine excitement is a pure delight

You can’t fake this kind of energy!

Check out the jaw-dropping full runs from Ninja vs Ninja episode 7

You’ll be out of breath just watching this intense action!

Daniel Gil on Iron Grip’s gritty fight to the finish

There’s no way to prepare when you’re facing the unknown.

Ninja vs Ninja recap: Fresh faces drove some of the fastest heats yet

In a field that was stacked with talent, some relative newcomers were the show stoppers.

How to watch Ninja vs Ninja: New night and time for 7th episode

REMINDER: The show has moved to Mondays at 11 pm.