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Ninja Locals

Third season of the National Ninja League keeps your favorite Ninjas busy

The NNL already has runs from Joe, Drew, Allyssa, Jessie, Najee and so many more.

Jon Alexis Jr. takes first place in the National Ninja League Buffalo qualifier

Watch a full recap of all the action that took place over Labor Day weekend.

Jon Alexis Jr. has incredible strength on a scary new obstcale

He took first place at the National Ninja League competition in Buffalo, NY.

5 reasons American Ninja Warrior fans should check out Mud Run Guide

The online Ninja Warrior community has everything you could ever want!

Rockford Ninjas 2016 competition: Saturday August 13

Follow the action at day two of the competition.

Full results from the UNAA 2016 Championships

American Ninja Warriors led the competition.

Where to start Ninja Warrior training in Indianapolis

In this ongoing series, we'll be profiling gyms in your communities where you can go to start or work on your Ninja training.

Little Ninjas show off some big talent at the 323 Ninja Training Grounds

Big strength in tiny packages.