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Ninja Greats

10 most watched American Ninja Warrior Nation videos of 2016

Through millions of views, these were your favorite moments.

The most inspiring moments from Season 8 of American Ninja Warrior

Breaking barriers and overcoming the impossible: This season had it all!

Drew Drechsel talks about who really won American Ninja Warrior this season

The Real Life Ninja discusses how this season ended for him and how he’ll be coming back stronger than ever.

The Internet saw Jessie Graff on the red carpet at the Emmys and freaked out

This is a lot to process.

Ellen DeGeneres brought Grant McCartney together with his newest family member

A life long dream of dancing on the Ellen Show turned into an incredible family memory.

Daniel Gil’s Stage Three run at the National Finals

Daniel was the last chance for the Ninjas to make it to Stage 4.

Drew Drechsel’s Stage Three Run at the National Finals

Drew ended his Season 8 with a tiny error.

Drew Drechsel’s Stage Two run at the Nationals Finals

He was not going to let this opportunity slip by!

Daniel Gil’s Stage Two run at the National Finals

The Kingdom Ninja wasn’t ready to end his season just yet.

Jake Murray’s National Finals Stage Two run

Season 8’s wild child had a serious moment.

10 most memorable moments from American Ninja Warrior Season 8

We reflect back on some of the jaw-dropping Ninja memories.

Season 8 Finale recap: Something amazing is about to happen

The end of this season will leave you breathless with anticipation of what’s to come.

Complete list of the Ninjas taking on Stage Two of the National Finals

They’ve made it so far, but they’re not done yet.

It’s true: Geoff Britten confirms he is taking time off from American Ninja Warrior

The first man to complete all four stages of the National Finals is moving on to a new stage in his life.

Jon Alexis Jr. has incredible strength on a scary new obstcale

He took first place at the National Ninja League competition in Buffalo, NY.

Jake Murray’s submission video included a Footloose parody and an adult baby

Not quite sure what we just saw, but we liked it.

Meagan Martin's National Finals Stage One run

The Giant Log Grip might have taken her out, but it won't keep the she-wolf down!

Neil Craver's National Finals Stage One run

Crazy Craver set the course on fire with his run!

Geoff Britten's National Finals Stage One run

The first Ninja to complete all 4 stages of the National Finals bowed out early.

Jake Murray's National Finals Stage One run

Jake was so confident he'd stay dry that he even packed himself a little snack for the course.

Drew Drechsel's National Finals Stage One run

The Real Life Ninja combined speed with a little bit of caution to secure his shot at Stage Two.

Natalie Duran's National Finals Stage One run

The charismatic Ninja just couldn't quite control her trampoline jump.

National Finals night two: Shocking falls and corn dogs

As the rest of the Ninjas faced Stage One, we were in for some surprises.

Meet Jessie Graff’s super mom

Ginny MacColl is a Broadway dancer, actress and an expert American Ninja Warrior mother.

Brian Arnold’s stage one run at the National Finals

Always composed, Brian swept through the course without breaking a sweat.

Flip Rodriguez’s stage one run at the National Finals

Flip went through incredible physical & emotional growth this season.

Thomas Stillings’ stage one run at the National Finals

The Genie Ninja wished for the fastest time and he got it.

Jesse Labreck’s stage one run at the National Finals

Flex Labreck ended her impressive rookie season with a splash.

Grant McCartney’s stage one run at the National Finals

Grant’s dance moves helped him shimmy through the course.

Daniel Gil’s stage one run at the National Finals

With his glorious locks flowing free, Daniel sped to the finish.

Watch Jessie Graff make history at Vegas finals

Joe Moravsky’s Philadelphia City Finals run

The Weatherman Ninja breezed through the course.