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Little Ninjas

Watch this 8-year-old absolutely sail up a 14-foot Warped Wall

It doesn’t even look real!

Matt and Akbar’s post-run interview with Lylah is too adorable

She ran a mini-course on Little Big Shots and then sat down with the hosts of American Ninja Warrior.

Second-grader receives national honor for her Ninja Warrior film

Asha documented her love for Ninja Warrior and her own training journey.

Little Ninja Taylor Jo is back with another jaw-dropping run

She’s TEN.

Watch this 12-year-old land a massive Wingnut transition

He flies across a 13 foot gap!

This short video beautifully sums up the power of perseverance

The task looked daunting. But this little Ninja never gave up.

Ninja Lylah is heading to ‘Little Big Shots’

OMG, we know her!

This 7-year-old Ninja crushed Jessie Graff’s record in the Paper Challenge

She was inspired to match the Ninja Warrior’s accomplishment.

This 12-year-old Ninja just cleared a Warped Wall 3 times his height

The Wall is 14’6", which is the height of the obstacle on American Ninja Warrior.

Santa surprised this little Ninja with her very own obstacle course

She immediately got to work training to be the next American Ninja Warrior.

These future Ninja Warriors are going to be champions on the course

Watch these mini Ninjas compete at Sam Sann’s Iron Sports gym in Houston.

This tiny Ninja Warrior trainer is adorably determined to show you his moves

Never give up, Cole. NEVER!

These tiny Ninjas will make your day

They’re all heart and energy on their mini course!

Little Ninja takes down an incredible backyard version of Stage Three

This thing actually looks pretty tough!

This five year old little Ninja just HOUSED Akbar Gbajabiamila

Race the five year old, they said. It will be easy, they said.

This young Ninja with one arm did not let it stop him from hitting the buzzer

Anything is possible when Ninjas work together!

Little Ninja Yoshi crushed Drew Drechsel and Joe Moravsky in this run at FanFest

Yoshi has gone from a backyard course, to national television and now, dominating over some of the best!

This eight-year-old gave a moving speech about training for American Ninja Warrior

She deserves a standing ovation!

This little Ninja’s backyard course has rockets!

You have to complete the course in style.

Joe Moravsky is raising the ultimate little Ninja

This takes “start them young” to a whole new level.

You have to watch this kid on the Salmon Ladder

Then you’ll need a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Little ninja channels the champs while she slays her massive backyard course

She might look like Jake Murray, but she is her OWN Ninja Warrior!

10 most watched American Ninja Warrior Nation videos of 2016

Through millions of views, these were your favorite moments.

Featured Fanshot

Best dad ever builds American Ninja Warrior course for daughter

The next Jessie Graff has an amazing Dad who built an incredible backyard Ninja Warrior course. Check it out! If you want to help Lylah's dad build more of these for her, you can check out this page:

An undercover look at the Rockford Ninjas’ youth camp

What it was like to spend a day with the legends.

The Rockford Ninja Warrior youth camp is flooded with American Ninja Warriors

Why are we not at this camp?

5-year-old gives epic American Ninja Warrior speech

Brock, winner of his very own American Ninja Warrior, shows us all what an acceptance speech should be.

Featured Fanshot

This little Ninja is SO ready

How many of you could do what she's doing here?

Featured Fanshot

5-year-old Little Ninja shows off his playground course

Check out the speed and agility on this guy!

Featured Fanshot

#LittleNinja shows off her 5ft laches

#LittleNinja in Alaska!

Indianapolis might just have the next American Ninja Warrior in this kids class

Take a look at the rising Ninjas training at Hoosier Heights in Indianapolis.

This adorable 4-year-old Ninja fan represents the best of us

Fan Benji Johnson shows off his Ninja Warrior spirit on the LA set