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Allyson Felix breaks Usain Bolt’s record for most gold medals in World Championships

The host of last season’s American Ninja Warrior Weekly beat out former world record holder Usain Bolt.

A quick note on ANW Nation’s management

Introducing some new voices!

ANW Season 10 premiere date announced!

It’s gonna be May!

USA vs the World will premiere on March 11

The three-hour special will air at 7 pm on NBC.

American Ninja Warrior’s 2018 cities and taping dates

Here are the six locations for season 10’s Qualifiers and City Finals.

Kacy Catanzaro retires from American Ninja Warrior, signs with WWE

Several outlets have confirmed the news of her transition into wrestling.

American Ninja Warrior schedule 2017: Filming dates and locations for Season 9 qualifying

We’ve got some old favorites and some new stops

American Ninja Warrior didn’t win the Emmy, but owned the night

Come on, we all knew they weren’t going to just be casual about it.

Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness will introduce the new generation of American Ninja Warriors

Young college athletes are going to transform into serious Ninja Warriors.

Season 8 Finale recap: Something amazing is about to happen

The end of this season will leave you breathless with anticipation of what’s to come.

Featured Fanshot

American Ninja Warrior is renewed for Season 9

Hours ahead of the season finale, the reality competition series has been renewed at NBC for sixth season at the network and ninth season overall, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The renewal...

Season 8 finale start time and live stream

We’ll finally know if the Ninjas make it back to Mt. Midoriyama this season.

It’s true: Geoff Britten confirms he is taking time off from American Ninja Warrior

The first man to complete all four stages of the National Finals is moving on to a new stage in his life.

National Finals night two: Shocking falls and corn dogs

As the rest of the Ninjas faced Stage One, we were in for some surprises.

Stage Two of the National Finals will torture the Ninjas’ hands

They better hang on tight! For a really long time.

Start time and live stream for night two of the National Finals

Will the Giant Log Grip strike again?

National Finals night one recap: The run heard ‘round the world

It’s only night one of the finals and we’re already exhausted from the excitement.

American Ninja Warriors are prepping for the new National Ninja League season

When the show is off the air, the Ninjas are still hard at work.

Start time and live stream for night one of the National Finals

The Ninjas are ready to take their shots at Mount Midoriyama.

Here are the 15 Ninjas we said goodbye to in Philadelphia

In the last City Finals of Season 8, we solidified our Vegas Finalists. But not everyone could make it.

Jesse Labreck’s Philadelphia City Finals run

They don’t call her “Flex” for nothing!

American Ninja Warrior Philadelphia City Finals recap: No to buzzers, yes to victory

The Philadelphia City Finals were tough, but the Ninjas found a way to still make history.

American Ninja Warrior Season 8 TV schedule: Start time and live stream for Philadelphia City Finals

The Ninja Warrior drought is over and it’s time for the last City Finals!

Rockford Ninjas 2016 competition: Friday August 12

We’ll be updating this as more information is available.

Here are your Season 8 Wild Cards

These are the Ninjas getting another shot at the course in Vegas.

Here are the 15 Ninjas we said goodbye to in Oklahoma City

We wish we could take them all to Vegas.

Spoilers: American Ninja Warrior Oklahoma City Finals recap

Every little step matters.

Here are the 15 Ninjas we said goodbye to in Indianapolis

The front half of the course proved to be a roadblock in Indy.

American Ninja Warrior Indianapolis City Finals Recap

The Wolfpack gave us something to howl about.

American Ninja Warriors headed to the National Finals

The complete list of Ninjas moving on to Vegas from the City Finals.

Here are the 15 Ninjas we said goodbye to in Atlanta

You had to go far and move fast to move on in Atlanta.

Atlanta City Finals recap: Give it time, you’ll get there

The Atlanta City Finals proved what can happen if you never give up.