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Jessie Graff

Watch Jessie Graff rise to the top of the field once again

She placed fifth over all at the Miami City Finals.

Jessie Graff met an adorable fan on the “Pickler and Ben” show

The Ninja Warrior talked about how her youth shaped her athletic future.

Harry Connick Jr. can’t stop losing to Jessie Graff

Third time’s a charm, right?

‘Ninjury prevention’ with Jessie Graff and Dr. Jen Esquer

They provide great info and exercises to keep your body safe.

Jessie Graff challenges you to eat more veggies

How many points can you get in a day?

Jessie Graff refuses to accept norms. Here’s proof.

Just try to tell Jessie how something should be done.

Jessie Graff is also the first woman to ever qualify for the City Finals

Her string of "firsts" started way back in season five.

Jessie Graff found opportunity in the midst of an obstacle

When an injury kept her out of season six, she found a way to get stronger.

Jessie Graff is now one of the best female athletes in Sasuke's history

During her very first appearance on the Japanese show, Jessie became the first woman to clear Stage Two.

Jessie Graff’s bold, strong and totally shocking run

As she put together a flawless run, no one predicted this or saw it coming.

Jessie Graff on surviving the pressure of being at the top

Jessie’s perspective on valuing yourself and your skills is a life lesson we could all learn from.

Jessie Graff's latest phenomenal run, from someone who was there

A long-time member of the American Ninja Warrior team gives their account of watching Jessie smash expectations in Daytona.

Jessie Graff rocked the American Ninja Warrior world again in Daytona

Her run was packed with triumph after triumph.

Jessie Graff faced the Rolling Thunder in Daytona

Watch her season nine Qualifiers run, pitting her against an infamously hard obstacle.

Jessie Graff on why she failed Stage One and how she triumphed on Stage Two

Jessie goes in depth on what she was thinking and how she came up with her strategy for USA vs the World.

Jessie Graff gets her second chance at Stage Two of the National Finals

Spoilers ahead.

Your favorite American Ninja Warriors competed at the Wolfpack Ninja Tour

Ninjas and fans alike enjoyed the intense runs at Magness Arena in Denver, CO.

Flip Rodriguez, Nicholas Coolridge & Jessie Graff put together one of the best team runs ever

Team Kristine set the All-Star team challenge on fire.

Jessie Graff shows off her stunt skills in ‘Epic Chick Fight’

Her costume from season five was straight from this project.

Hit your fitness goals hard with American Ninja Warriors

Workouts for at-home athletes and future Ninja Warriors

Harry Connick Jr. cheats in a race against Jessie Graff, loses anyway

If Santa sees this, Harry is in SO much trouble.

Watch these American Ninja Warrior heroes trying to get their shot at the show

Even stars have to start from somewhere.

Jessie Graff on why pole vaulters excel on American Ninja Warrior

They practice a unique skill that translates on the course.

Jessie Graff gave MIT some priceless advice for College Madness

So simple, but so effective!

Little Ninja Lylah and Jessie Graff tackled the Harry Connick Jr. show

With Jessie Graff as a coach, Lylah is unstoppable!

Jessie Graff carries little Ninja Lylah up the Warped Wall

Now this is a Ninja Warrior dream team!

Jessie Graff had some very helpful strategy assistance at the National Finals

Jake Murray, Grant McCartney and Thomas Stillings are always willing to lend a hand.

Some other boring things American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff can do

Yawn. We GUESS she’s pretty cool.

17 things we learned about Jessie Graff from the Armchair Ninja Podcast

Jessie breaks down the night of her LA City Finals run.

Los Angeles Qualifiers Highlights

All the action of the Season Eight premiere without the time commitment.

Watch season 8 full episodes online: Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Qualifiers and City Finals gave us the start of Jessie Graff's epic season.

When it comes to nerves, Jessie Graff lets it go in song

Jessie is a stunt woman, Ninja Warrior, and lyricist.