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The Making of American Ninja Warrior

Guess how many people it takes to make American Ninja Warrior

It takes a lot of hard work from a lot of people to bring the episodes together.

Inside season 9’s action with Kristine Leahy

The host breaks down the memories and highlights that only she can share.

Executive Producer Anthony Storm on Ninja Warrior’s changes and yes, THAT rule

One of the showrunners since season six, Storm has seen the show develop through its milestones.

Meet the man who’s launched thousands of Ninja runs

Second AD JR Osborne gives the Ninjas one last shot of confidence before their runs.

Director Patrick McManus on creating the pieces of the American Ninja Warrior puzzle

McManus has directed the show since season six, helping to guide the development of those emotional and inspiring runs.

Run the Kansas City Finals course with the camera crew

Take a look at how the crew captures the Ninjas’ every move.

Featured Fanshot

Watch the National Finals stages come to life

The four stages of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals are all part of a behemoth set in the Las Vegas desert. Get a feel for the enormity of it all with this time-lapse video of night falling over the location.

How Adam Biggs brings light and life to American Ninja Warrior

Through thousands of lights, miles of cables and dozens of cities, Director of Photography Adam Biggs brings the Ninja Warrior set to life with his skills.

The fine points of American Ninja Warrior course evolution

Adam Sawyers, head of design at The ATS Team, fills us in the obstacle development process for season nine.

Executive Producer Brian Richardson weighs in on the home stretch of the application process

His thoughts as one of the brains behind picking the Ninjas.

It’s not easy finding the qualifying cities for the massive course

Kristen Stabile, Executive in Charge of Production, is tasked with finding homes for each season.

The past, present and future of the company at the core of the course

The ATS Team’s COO Travis McDaniel reflects on how they got here and where they’re going next.

The other insanely cool things the company that makes the American Ninja Warrior course are doing

Because JUST making the course would be lame, right?

Behind the scenes where the American Ninja Warrior obstacles are born

The ATS Team production shop brings the courses to life.

The ATS Team is coming up with new American Ninja Warrior obstacles right now

Start your count down to season nine.

5 things you should know about the team who builds the courses

The ATS Team is responsible for keeping the Ninjas challenged, but safe.

Meet the green hats, the people in charge of the American Ninja Warrior course

We had questions for the guys in the green hats.

Jen Hansen has the coolest job on American Ninja Warrior

As a professional obstacle tester, Jen is putting her gymnastics background to creative use!

Get your hands on the American Ninja Warrior course as a tester

How to become a course tester and make the most of your experience.

Meet the man dedicated to destroying Ninja Warriors

Trent Eaton is the American Ninja Warrior challenge producer. We wanted to find out what goes into crafting a terrifying course.

What you need to know about being an American Ninja Warrior audience member

Here's the 411 on getting into the show and having a great time

5 surprises from the American Ninja Warrior production trailer

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into making an episode.