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Here’s a Ninja workout you can do right now with zero equipment

Sarah Schoback shares one of the workouts she has written for busy parents.

‘Ninjury prevention’ with Jessie Graff and Dr. Jen Esquer

They provide great info and exercises to keep your body safe.

Lorin Ball can help you survive the Salmon Ladder

This six minute video is packed with important tips.

These basic exercises will help you train for the Floating Steps

No one wants to fall on the first obstacle.

How to find a Ninja Warrior gym near you

Ninja gyms are popping up all over the place. Find one close by to kick-start your training.

Michelle Warnky will have you training like an American Ninja Warrior

#WarnkyChallengeWednesday will never let you be bored at the gym again.

Warped Wall exercises with American Ninja Warrior Natalie Duran

It’s all about speed and explosiveness.

Hit your fitness goals hard with American Ninja Warriors

Workouts for at-home athletes and future Ninja Warriors

You’re going to be seriously sore after this workout with Jessie Graff

All you need is an exercise ball and the ability to laugh at yourself when you fall over.

Climbing exercises from the Wolfpack will get you Stage Three strong

Meagan Martin, Brian Arnold, Ian Dory and Noah Kaufman discuss a workout designed to build strength for the course.

New video series for anyone who wants to get American Ninja Warrior course ready

Ninja Warrior from Scratch breaks the obstacles down into the basic skills you need to master.

Learn how to do a handstand with Jessie Graff

She includes drills and exercises for all skill levels.

The catalytic effect of American Ninja Warrior

Our favorite show is leading a fitness revolution.

Jessie Graff demonstrates pull ups for beginners

Can't do a pull up? Don't worry. Neither can Jesse's assistant in this video!

Obstacle 101: Mastering the trampoline

Brian Kretsch and Sean Bryan simplify the technique for success.

Obstacle 101: Mastering the Quintuple Steps with Brian Kretsch

The 8 time Ninja vet kicks off his series of videos breaking down the obstacles.