How To Get Your First Pullup in 5 Simple Tricks - Ninja Quick Tip


We are starting a new series called Ninja Quick Tip - if you are looking for ways to get your first pullup or more pullups then this video is for you!

5 things I wish someone told me when I first started: Matt Iseman, Host of "American Ninja Warrior"


The best message I ever got was from my Dad who is a doctor. I told my Dad that I was leaving medicine to do stand-up comedy and people always say, "Did he pass out? Did he throw a drink in your face? Did he go what are you thinking?" and the first words out of his mouth were the advice that I think is the best advice that I’ve ever gotten and that’s, "Life is short, do what makes you happy." And I wake up every day when I go to "{American} Ninja Warrior" or go to "Hallmark {Home and Family}" or when I’m advocating for RA, I feel like this is what makes me happy. So, I just encourage people to find something they are passionate about and go for it.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. talks sexism in NASCAR, the national anthem, playoffs and more


I think the sport is in good shape with the drivers that we have, and we are willing to put ourselves out there like Ryan Blaney and I going out to do "American Ninja Warrior" this year. Things like that is what it is going to take to continue to grow our fan base. Just that one appearance on "American Ninja Warrior," Blaney and I get hits all the time of people talking about us doing the show and how they became fans of NASCAR because of it.

'Arrow' star Stephen Amell would love to do 'America Ninja Warrior' again


"First of all, I would like to thank whoever was in the audience last year who finally just made me do it and, you know, go for it," Amell said. "I let go at the end for a very simple reason. I could not feel my arms. These exercises in and of themselves are incredibly difficult, but when you put them back to back to back to back to back to back to back, oh boy. Cass will tell you for weeks afterward, it's not that my arms hurt, its that they ached, you know what I mean?"

How to build a cliffhanger in under 3 mins! Quick and easy DIY American Ninja Warrior Obstacle!


In this video how to build a quick and easy cliffhanger. We use a french cleat system to hang our obstacles in the garage. This allows us to move obstacles, including our entire climbing wall section around to always keep training unique and fun. If you haven't seen our other videos we have also built pegboards, cliffhangers, pull up bars, and more to hang our obstacles on.



The URL is there because it was required. First off, the water should be 4 feet deep no matter what. Replace Kristine Leahy. She seems like she hated her job. Also, never use Wingnut Alley again. Another suggestion is instead of calling it "Nail Clipper", "Salt Shaker" would be much better. PLEASE, LESS SPOILERS. Also, if you keep Elevator Climb, make it 30 feet, like it usually was. The Warped Wall should be 14 feet and 6 inches. (Think it is 14 feet and 5 inches.) Lastly, please show more runs.

Sean Bryan's Stage Three run at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals


Sean's focus and determination has been putting him back at the buzzer again and again this season. On Stage Two, he got the crowd on their feet by becoming the first Ninja to figure out Wingnut Alley and complete the course. This was Sean's first trip to Stage Three and he made the most of it. He hit a gymnast stance every time he stuck a landing. While the strain of the Ultimate Cliffhanger finally got to him, this rock solid competitor will definitely make waves again in season 10.

Najee Richardson's Stage Three run at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals


After an awesome season nine, Najee Richardson earned a place on Stage Three of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. He battled hard, even making a split second save on what looked like a total fall after the Keylock Hang. In the end, it was the Ultimate Cliffhanger that ended his season. But the Phoenix is poised to fly again next year!

Allyssa Beird's Stage Two run on American Ninja Warrior


Allyssa was a breakout sensation on season nine of American Ninja Warrior. While it wasn't her first year on the show, suddenly everyone knew her name after she was the first woman to hit a buzzer this season. Then, she hit the buzzer on Stage One of the National Finals, becoming only the second woman to do so. She moved on to Stage Two, where the Criss Cross Salmon Ladder would tangle her up, but we can't wait to see her back in season 10!

Allyssa Beird: 5 fast facts you need to know


Speaking to ESPN recently, Beird touched briefly on her gymnastics career, saying, "Talk to any gymnast about what it was like to leave the sport, and they’ll say there is just this big, black void of something. And you think about gymnastics all the time, so it took a long time to stop being sad about not doing the sport anymore. Ninja has now kind of filled that void."