15 Gifts For Kids Who Are Obsessed With Sports


"This American Ninja Warrior competition course kit contains two hop sacks, agility rings, competition jump ropes, birch wood bear crawl posts, and a giant ball of twine. Which basically means endless backyard (or basement) entertainment for your kids to jump, swing, and climb as they train to be the next American Ninja Warrior."

Tremayne Dortch's Dallas City Finals run


Tremayne Dortch has been competing on American Ninja Warrior since season four. In that time, he's had four trips to the National Finals. However, he hasn't made it to Vegas in the past two seasons of the show. He tried to change that in Dallas, but he bounced off the Salmon Ladder and missed the cut off once more.

Quest O'Neal's Dallas City Finals run


Quest O'Neal was a sensation from the American Ninja Warrior Dallas Qualifiers. Her exuberant run down the course won her an immediate legion of fans. Back for the City Finals, her plan was to make it far enough to move on to the National Finals. Unfortunately, her run ended with a battle on the Bouncing Spider. She wasn't able to move on, but we have a feeling she'll be back next year.

Josh Norton's Dallas City Finals run


Josh Norton spent 22 days in the walk on line before he got his shot at the American Ninja Warrior Dallas course. During the Qualifiers, Josh fell at Crank It Up. For the City Finals, he was able to pass the obstacle and make it to the Nail Clipper. The run put him into the National Finals.

Jesse Orenshein's Los Angeles City Finals run - Season 10


Jesse's catchphrase on the course was "Mazel Tough." He's an Orthodox Jew and definitely very strong. He almost peeled off the Flying Shelf Grab but managed to save it. He grinned his way down the course, making it all the way to the Giant Cubes before hitting the water.

Zhanique Lovett's Los Angeles City Finals Run - Season 10


Zhanique was a breakout star in season nine and she returned to American Ninja Warrior with a great run in the Los Angeles Qualifiers. She made it all the way to the Doorknob Drop, the fifth obstacle. For the City Finals, she faced the obstacle once again. While she made it farther on the obstacle, she did still fall there, keeping her from the Warped Wall.

Gavin MacCall's Minneapolis Qualifiers run


Gavin is the dad of little Ninja Lylah. Six-year-old Lylah has stunned the world with her viral videos of her backyard course. Now Gavin wants his turn as a Ninja! He only makes it to the Double Twister but he has a lot of fun getting there.

Maggi Thorne's Minneapolis Qualifiers run


The sidelines were bursting with Ninjas all there to support Maggi during her run. She looked strong on the course but spent a considerable amount of time on the Double Twister. She tried to take a rest on the Ring Jump to regain from strength. However, the tricky obstacle ended her run.

Why Ninja Warrior is the sport America needs


Talk about a level playing field. In what other sport can you watch a doctor compete alongside a stay-at-home mother? A professional rock climber battle it on the same unforgiving course as a weatherman, a teacher, a soldier? A 19-year-old is as welcome as a 70-year-old. A former Olympian or pro-football player has as much chance as an amputee. It is a sport that welcomes the huddled masses and tempest-tossed of all backgrounds, asking only that you leave it all out on the course.

Charity LeBlanc's season 10 Miami Qualifying run


Charity LeBlanc definitely stood out on the American Ninja Warrior course. She was the only mermaid there! Charity is a mom and social media star who's known as the Mermaid Ninja. But she wasn't quick to the water. It wasn't until the Ring Turn that she took a splash.