Super Bowl LVIII 2024 Sunday – When, Where & More


The AFC and NFC championships Super Bowl 2024 Sunday Live, determining the teams advancing to the Super Bowl LVIII 2024, are scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 28. For more details on Super Bowl Live Match ticket prices and other information, continue reading.

Two Holly Springs Athletes Thrive in 'American Ninja Warrior' Semifinals


In a thrilling journey that has captivated audiences across the nation, two athletes from Holly Springs, Isaiah Lee and Matt Kalanz, continue to shine in Season 15 of NBC's "American Ninja Warrior." Their remarkable progress in the competition's semifinals highlights not only their individual talents but also the incredible support and camaraderie that has developed between them.

Isaiah Lee and Matt Kalanz, residents of Holly Springs, have followed different paths to reach the "American Ninja Warrior" semifinals. While they compete for the coveted cash prizes, they also stand by each other's side, offering encouragement and assistance on this challenging journey.

At just 16 years old, Isaiah Lee has already surmounted significant obstacles, both in and out of Morrisville's "Warrior Tech Obstacle Racing Course." Four years ago, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, resulting in vision loss in his right eye and the development of tumors throughout his body. After undergoing surgery and healing, he was determined to compete again.

Lee's journey to "American Ninja Warrior" began as a mere pastime, but it quickly transformed his life. He recalled, "Then, I went to 'Ninja,' like, just for fun, and that like kind of changed my life." His dream of competing on NBC's "American Ninja Warrior" became a reality when he applied for the show and received the long-awaited call in January.

American Ninja Where? - NPR


"Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, hosts of NBC's American Ninja Warrior, play a game where they imagine what would happen if landmarks from American cities became American Ninja Warrior obstacles."

Ninja Warrior Stereotypes - Dude Perfect Style!


We took a chapter from Dude Perfect and created a stereotypes video for the sport we love ... Ninja Warrior! We tried to cover the top ones you suggested on our Instagram account! Comment below and let us know which one best fits you ... and don't forget to tag your friends!

Ninja Warriors love to test themselves against the quirkiest obstacles you’ve ever seen - Los Angeles Times


Reporter David Wharton followed Ninja Warriors like Jessie Graff, David Campbell, Brian Kretsch, and Sean Bryan through their training process and delves into the history and growth of the show.

Watch Jessie Graff prepare for Stage One - Los Angeles Times


The Los Angeles Times followed American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff as she trained and prepared for the season 11 National Finals.

Lance Pekus' Seattle/Tacoma Qualifying run


The Cowboy Ninja returned in grand style for the season! He was the only Ninja of the night to beat the Mega Wall. Find out more about how Lance was feeling that day with the American Ninja Warrior podcast, here.

Brian Burk's inspirational LA Qualifiers run


Watch rookie Brian Burk celebrate every moment on the course in a run that inspired everyone.

10 U.S. gyms where you can try a 'Ninja Warrior' course


"The locales train future ninja warriors, and often cater to kids, who come for parties and training. But they also welcome drop-in visitors of all ages. "It’s a place for people who watch the show and say ‘I can do that’ to see if they really can," says Grant McCartney, a top competitor who promotes the sport around the world. He shares some favorite gyms."

Tony Miles Training for American Ninja Warrior to Win Prop Bet with Shaun Deeb


"In an interview with Sarah Herring of PokerNews last week, Miles confirmed that he had booked a bet with Deeb in which Miles would need to not only advance through a city qualifier and get on American Ninja Warrior, but also advance past the first round of the competition in order to win. While Miles wouldn’t confirm the details of the bet or offer any specifics on the stipulations, Deeb had tweeted about the bet back in September, shining some light on what now appears to be a real wager. According to Deeb’s tweet, Miles is putting up $5,000 on his ability to get on the show and advance at least one round at some point in the next three years. If Miles can do it with in a year, he’ll win at 25/1 odds, taking home $125,000. If he can do it in the second year, the odds drop to 20/1 ($100,000), while doing it in the third year would pay 15/1 ($75,000). If he still hasn’t done it by the end of year three, Deeb will collect his $5,000."