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Episode recaps

Team Ninja Warrior College Madness recap: The champions are crowned

After the most intense runs we’ve seen, one school rises above the others.

Team Ninja Warrior College Madness recap: Comebacks and shut outs

We know our final four teams!

Team Ninja Warrior College Madness recap: The battle for SoCal pride

The college rivalries got heated in this week’s episode.

Team Ninja Warrior College Madness recap: The Cinderella story you wanted to see

Close runs, shocking upsets and something to cheer about.

Season 8 Finale recap: Something amazing is about to happen

The end of this season will leave you breathless with anticipation of what’s to come.

National Finals night one recap: The run heard ‘round the world

It’s only night one of the finals and we’re already exhausted from the excitement.

American Ninja Warrior Philadelphia City Finals recap: No to buzzers, yes to victory

The Philadelphia City Finals were tough, but the Ninjas found a way to still make history.

Spoilers: American Ninja Warrior Oklahoma City Finals recap

Every little step matters.

American Ninja Warrior Indianapolis City Finals Recap

The Wolfpack gave us something to howl about.

Atlanta City Finals recap: Give it time, you’ll get there

The Atlanta City Finals proved what can happen if you never give up.

LA city finals recap: A gut punch to your emotions

The LA city finals set the tone for the rest of the season: Strength, heart & triumph

Philadelphia Qualifiers Recap: We really need to stop being surprised by this

The face of American Ninja Warrior is changing.

Oklahoma City Qualifiers Recap: New legends rise

The Oklahoma City qualifying course gave us some new Ninjas to talk about.

Indianapolis Qualifying Recap: Everything you could ask for in one episode

Indianapolis kept us glued to the TV as records were broken and incredible Ninjas took to the course.

American Ninja Warrior Atlanta qualifying recap: Things are moving fast now

We breakdown how things shaped up with the Atlanta Qualifying runs.

Ninja Warrior is back! Los Angeles Qualifying Recap

Here's the need-to-know info from the June 1st premiere episode.