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Career Stats

Lorin Ball has raced to the buzzer on every season of Ninja Warrior

He’s known for his speed, but that hasn’t over shadowed his success.

After 9 seasons, this Ninja has made an unmistakable impact on and off the course

Brian Kretsch is one of the original Ninjas heading into potentially his tenth season of the show.

David Campbell put in years of work to earn the title of ‘Godfather’

He dedicated his time to competing on every single season.

Ryan Stratis has been a Ninja since day one

He’s competed on all nine seasons of the show.

Even Joe Moravsky’s worst season was incredible

In his five seasons on the show, Joe’s success has been consistent.

Najee Richardson will not be swayed from his goals

He’s fallen before, but he doesn’t let that get into his head.

Drew Drechsel has hit 18 buzzers in 7 seasons

His long career encapsulates a ton of hard work and success.

Who else is ready for the return of Charlie Andrews?

An injury cut his rookie season short, but we know he has what it takes to get back to the National Finals.

Do you realize just how fast Daniel Gil is on the course?

He’s pulled off the fastest or second fastest time six times in his career.

It’s time to see Jamie Rahn on Stage Three

After seven seasons on the show, he has everything it takes to get there.

Adam Rayl is building a rock-solid Ninja Warrior career

He’s mastering the sport on and off the show.

Josh Levin has everything it takes to dominate on Ninja Warrior for years

He’s relatively new to the show, but we have a feeling he’ll stick around.

Ian Dory has never fallen on a City Finals course

He’s made it to the National Finals four seasons in a row.

After 7 years on the show, Flip Rodriguez is only getting stronger

Walk through his years of notable Ninja Warrior stats.

Allyssa Beird dove headfirst into the Ninja lifestyle and it shows

She rearranged her whole life for the sport, but it paid off big time.

JJ Woods’ success comes from his commitment to hard work

He’s only missed the National Finals once in five seasons.