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Legendary Runs

Daniel Gil set himself up for a stellar season with a $10,000 start

Back for his fourth season, Daniel talked to us about getting the Mega Wall, how he stays calm, and where he’s heading this year.

Joe Morvasky seemed almost invincible as he became the last Ninja standing

On Stage Three, Joe hung on through six grueling obstacles to go farther than any other competitor.

Sean Bryan was the first to figure out how to survive Wingnut Alley

Sean gave us hope that Stage Two wouldn’t be a shut out for the Ninjas.

Najee Richardson turned a difficult National Finals course into a walk in the park

He stayed calm. He kept smiling. And he took flight.

Watch Joe Moravsky lay Stage Two to waste

Joe launched himself at the difficult course and absolutely dominated it.

Daniel Gil looks to be on the path to surpassing last year’s performance

He wants to be one of the last Ninjas standing again.

David Campbell is finally back where he belongs

After five years, the original competitor moves on to Stage Two!

Drew Drechsel obliterated the time limit on Stage One

He left a whole minute on the clock!

Nick Hanson made it to the buzzer in the nick of time

He had us extremely worried for a moment there!

Josh Levin ruled over Stage One for two Ninja Warriors

When an injury ended Charlie Andrews’ season, Josh knew he needed to hit that buzzer for both of them.

JJ Woods took risks on Stage One and they paid off big time

He went big to make sure he wasn’t going home.

Lance Pekus pulled off one of his best runs ever for a very personal reason

The Cowboy Ninja wanted to make his wife proud and, oh wow, did he pull it off.

Joe Moravsky took a refreshing dip after that blistering run to the buzzer

Joe has made Stage One his playground, so this year he had a little fun with it.

Allyssa Beird took down Stage One, became only the second woman to do so

Allyssa has been on the rise all season. Her first run at the National Finals was the ultimate showcase of her skills.

Kacy Catanzaro’s historic 2014 season

She’s moving on from American Ninja Warrior, but these runs will never be forgotten.

The verdict is in and Ian Dory is (still) a beast

The Denver City Finals were a perfect example of why Ian is a top Ninja Warrior.

Jamie Rahn was the first to break the curse of the Nail Clipper

The obstacle had defeated every Ninja before him in Cleveland.

Joe Moravsky breezed through the Cleveland City Finals course

He was one of only two competitors to complete the course and he had the best time of the night.

Jessie Graff rocked the American Ninja Warrior world again in Daytona

Her run was packed with triumph after triumph.

Drew Drechsel made the Daytona City Finals look like child’s play

No one else beat the course, and he barely broke a sweat.

Daniel Gil was the only Ninja to defeat the San Antonio City Finals course

There was a terrifying moment right before he hit the buzzer.

Barclay Stockett’s San Antonio City Finals run gives us a National Finalist to watch out for

Her runs this season have proven she’s a competitor to keep an eye on, improving each time we see her.

Sean Bryan wasn’t even trying for the fastest time of the night in Los Angeles

His strategy and efficiency on every obstacle earned him the best time of the night regardless of the several breaks he took.

Drew Drechsel flew through the Daytona Qualifiers course in just over a minute

No breaks. No sweat.

Barclay Stockett exploded onto the scene with this American Ninja Warrior run

This season, everyone is going to know her name.

Grant McCartney’s training turned him into the fastest Ninja of the night

The Island Ninja earned the fastest time on the LA qualifiers course.

Zhanique Lovett went from rookie to true American Ninja Warrior in just one run

The mom of three kept her cool and gave us all a new Ninja to cheer for!

Featured Fanshot

Drew Drechsel on Stage One: USA vs the World 2015

Drew had to go for broke to gain the point for Team USA. Not even a terrifying fall on the Sonic Curve would stand in his way.

Flip Rodriguez, Nicholas Coolridge & Jessie Graff put together one of the best team runs ever

Team Kristine set the All-Star team challenge on fire.

Featured Fanshot

Brian Arnold becomes the first American to defeat Stage Three

In 2014's USA vs the World, American Ninja Warrior Brian Arnold let nothing stand in his way when he fought Stage Three. Even with a bloody wrist, he kept his cool and proved why he's a legend.

10 most watched American Ninja Warrior Nation videos of 2016

Through millions of views, these were your favorite moments.

Featured Fanshot

Sam Sann's 2015 Houston City Finals run

As a coach to Ninja legends like Daniel Gil, Sam Sann is not just an athlete, but an inspiration as well. Watch him make this course look like a walk in the park!