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Here’s the behind-the-scenes scoop on Ninja Warrior’s move indoors

We spoke with Kristen Stabile, the show’s Executive in Charge of Production.

8 things we learned about what it takes to bring Ninja Warrior’s crew together

Travel manager Nicole Christo brings the crew together in each city.

Guess how many people it takes to make American Ninja Warrior

It takes a lot of hard work from a lot of people to bring the episodes together.

Inside season 9’s action with Kristine Leahy

The host breaks down the memories and highlights that only she can share.

Geoff Britten was hiding in plain sight during season nine

He may have retired from competition, but he was still on the course.

Executive Producer Anthony Storm on Ninja Warrior’s changes and yes, THAT rule

One of the showrunners since season six, Storm has seen the show develop through its milestones.

4 incredible Ninja Warrior moments you didn’t see but you should know about

In every American Ninja Warrior city, there are moving exchanges that can’t be captured on camera

Meet the man who’s launched thousands of Ninja runs

Second AD JR Osborne gives the Ninjas one last shot of confidence before their runs.

Director Patrick McManus on creating the pieces of the American Ninja Warrior puzzle

McManus has directed the show since season six, helping to guide the development of those emotional and inspiring runs.

Allyssa Beird on her stunning Stage One run: ‘That’s what I came here to do’

For this Ninja, the National Finals were about family, community and turning goals into reality.

Poll: Which National Finals obstacle should Alex Weber Attempt?

Your vote decides if Alex tries the Double Dipper or the Domino Pipes

Run the Kansas City Finals course with the camera crew

Take a look at how the crew captures the Ninjas’ every move.

Jessie Graff's latest phenomenal run, from someone who was there

A long-time member of the American Ninja Warrior team gives their account of watching Jessie smash expectations in Daytona.

Kacy Catanzaro after Ninja Warrior run: “Accept the lows and learn from them”

The final segment of our two-part interview with the storied American Ninja Warrior.

How Adam Biggs brings light and life to American Ninja Warrior

Through thousands of lights, miles of cables and dozens of cities, Director of Photography Adam Biggs brings the Ninja Warrior set to life with his skills.

NASCAR drivers describe 'once in a lifetime experience' on American Ninja Warrior

Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ben Kennedy and Ryan Blaney stepped out of their cars and onto the course for season nine.

Check out this first-person perspective of an American Ninja Warrior course

All the glory of hitting the buzzer, without any of the training.

It’s not easy finding the qualifying cities for the massive course

Kristen Stabile, Executive in Charge of Production, is tasked with finding homes for each season.

A word to the wise: Ninja Warriors lay out how to get on the course

Take their advice. They’ve done this before!

Watch these American Ninja Warrior heroes trying to get their shot at the show

Even stars have to start from somewhere.

Jessie Graff on why pole vaulters excel on American Ninja Warrior

They practice a unique skill that translates on the course.

UCLA Ninja Warrior team felt the pressure of challenging USC on College Madness

When they found out about the match-up, things got serious.

Jessie Graff gave MIT some priceless advice for College Madness

So simple, but so effective!

5 things you should know about the team who builds the courses

The ATS Team is responsible for keeping the Ninjas challenged, but safe.

Ellen DeGeneres brought Grant McCartney together with his newest family member

A life long dream of dancing on the Ellen Show turned into an incredible family memory.

American Ninja Warrior didn’t win the Emmy, but owned the night

Come on, we all knew they weren’t going to just be casual about it.

10 most memorable moments from American Ninja Warrior Season 8

We reflect back on some of the jaw-dropping Ninja memories.

The American Ninja Warriors couldn’t wait to see Jessie Graff make history

In this behind the scene look, you can feel how excited they were for her.

Stage Three of the National Finals finds a way to make the Ultimate Cliff Hanger and Body Prop harder

Take a terrifying look at Stage Three of the National Finals.

It’s true: Geoff Britten confirms he is taking time off from American Ninja Warrior

The first man to complete all four stages of the National Finals is moving on to a new stage in his life.

Jake Murray’s submission video included a Footloose parody and an adult baby

Not quite sure what we just saw, but we liked it.

Exclusive: Dan Polizzi's Stage One run

You see just how hard Dan worked to try and get to that buzzer only on American Ninja Warrior Nation.