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Hi! I'm the editor here at American Ninja Warrior Nation. I'm also a huge fan.

Send in your season 14 application right now

The deadline is imminent.

Ninja Warrior news round-up: Four things to know - December 9, 2021

Yup, we’re talking about season 14 applications again.

Season three of American Ninja Warrior Junior reaches its thrilling conclusion

The final episode of season three lands on Peacock on Thursday, December 9.

Neighborhood Ninjas has a crucial mission: Make the sport accessible and safe for the youngest athletes

Through sponsorships and a mentorship program, Neighborhood Ninjas looks to create a community united by care and connection.

Grade the Semifinals obstacles

20 more polls! How will these obstacles hold up under scrutiny?

‘Best buzzer’ of season 13: Semifinals championship

Jesse Labreck or Amir Malik?

Fans gave the Qualifying obstacles top-notch grades

The Mega Wall scored an incredible A+.

American Ninja Warrior nicknames

Well, at least all of the nicknames we can think of.

Shopping for a Ninja Warrior fan? We’ve got you covered.

These Ninja Warrior items will make any fan smile this holiday season.

Ninja Warrior news round-up: Six things you should know this week

The first of a new weekly segment.