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Hi! I'm the editor here at American Ninja Warrior Nation. I'm also a huge fan.

Find out how rocks and dinosaurs have helped shape Kyle Soderman into a top Ninja

Ahead of his Stage Two run, he let us in on his training background.

How to watch the American Ninja Warrior season 13 finale

Monday, September 13. 8pm/7c on NBC.

Will this be Jake Murray’s year to take on Stage Three?

Things look promising in this preview.

American Ninja Warrior Junior is here and the races are electrifying

As American Ninja Warrior winds down, Junior is heating up!

Jake Murray put up the fastest time to the buzzer... Again

This has to be on purpose, right?

Watch Vance Walker become a Stage Three competitor

He was the first to clear Stage Two in this incredible run.

Poll: Who will ‘win’ season 13?

There are 20 Ninjas left in the running. Who do you think has the potential to go all the way?

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson is American Ninja Warrior’s youngest National Finalist ever

Could he be the youngest champion ever?

Gritting through the pain, Joe Moravsky continues his quest to make this his year

Using his Safety Pass, Joe is off to Stage Two.

Jesse Labreck hits the Stage One buzzer in a historic moment for her career

She joins the elite ranks of Stage Two competitors