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Hi! I'm the editor here at American Ninja Warrior Nation. I'm also a huge fan.

The top 10 most-watched Ninja Warrior videos on YouTube

Jessie Graff has three of the top five spots.

Just a bunch of examples that prove Ninjas are part of the Spider-Verse

Get on this, Marvel!

Ninja Warrior’s throwback runs bring back some great memories

Take a little trip down memory lane.

Ninja Warrior news round-up: Four things to know - December 16, 2021

Only two weeks till the end of the year!

Help us rank the top five most devastating moments of season 13

Oh, the horror!

‘Best buzzer’ of season 13: National Finals round one

32 buzzers took place in Las Vegas.

Jesse Labreck had the ‘best buzzer’ of the Semifinals

Her run came out on top after five rounds of voting.

Five ways to pass the time while waiting for the season 14 casting calls

You sent in the application. Now what?

The Semifinals had one obstacle that viewers hated

The grades don’t lie!

Congratulations to American Ninja Warrior Junior’s season three champions!

All episodes of ANW Jr season three are now available on Peacock.