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Hi! I'm the editor here at American Ninja Warrior Nation. I'm also a huge fan.

Six Ninja Warrior submission examples from veterans and rookies

Get inspired to make your video the best it can be!

‘Best buzzer’ of season 13: Semifinals round two

Eight polls make up the next round of our competition.

Grade Stage One of the National Finals

We’re going out of order, but we think it’s worth it!

Ninja Warrior brings back the memories with throwback runs

Take a little trip down memory lane.

Grade Stage Three of the National Finals

A, F, or something in between?

Dallas is the top pick for a return visit from Ninja Warrior

Daytona Beach came in second in our reader poll.

7 tips for a successful application from the head of American Ninja Warrior’s casting team

Angelou Deign, the head of A. Deign and Co., shared how to stand out from the thousands of applications her team sorts through.

‘Best buzzer’ of season 13: Semifinals round one

We have 11 polls to get you started.

The ‘best buzzer’ of the season 13 Qualifiers

We have a (young) champion!

All-Stars Competition: 2020 rewind

We will have a new All-Stars Challenge sometime in the future!