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10 out-of-context thoughts from the Semifinals: Explained

Here’s what we’re thinking...

Bug bites aside, Eric Middleton is having a great year

He’s hit two buzzers already and has the National Finals in his future.

Four things to know about rookie Devan Alexander

Understand the 16-year-old’s mindset as he prepares for the National Finals.

Nate Hansen’s confidence and skills have unlocked the National Finals for him

"I expect a million dollars is what I expect. All the way up that rope and hitting that buzzer that earns me a million bucks."

Tracking the ‘Split Decisions’ of the Semifinals

Who picked balance? Who picked upper body? And who made it through?

Jake Murray versus Austin Gray: The interview

Is there any rivalry as tumultuous as this one?

Jesse Labreck looks to Stage One: ‘I’m fully aware that you don’t always reach your goals. But I’m going to keep trying for it.’

As Jesse moves to the National Finals, she’ll face Stage One for the fifth time.

TikTok stars Griffin Johnson and Josh Richards take on American Ninja Warrior

We had a chance to speak with Griffin before his run.

Season 13 complete results: Final night of Semifinals

The competitors had to quickly make it to Split Decision if they wanted a shot at Vegas.

Night four of Semifinals: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

Our final 17 Ninjas that will take on Stage One of the National Finals

American Ninja Warrior season 13 recap: Final night of the Semifinals

The fourth and final night of competition sealed the National Finals roster.

Our last first look at the Los Angeles Semifinals

After tonight, it’s off to Vegas!

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: The final night of Semifinals

After this, it’s off to the National Finals.

Kai Beckstrand returns for the final night of the Semifinals

Can the 15-year-old impress once again?

Francisco Barajas wants you to know he wasn’t alone on Ninja Warrior

He was there with his training partners and best friends.

Megan Rowe is really, really happy she made the National Finals

Don’t let the axe fool you, she’s as light-hearted as they come.

Meagan Martin powers through her season as she pursues her National Finals goals

The obstacles don’t stop when you leave the course.

Four things you should know as Josiah Pippel heads to Las Vegas

This season is a dream come true already. But that doesn’t mean he’s not prepared to take it even farther.

Sean Bryan revisits his gutsy and thrilling Semifinals run

"I’m very happy with Semifinals. I bonked my head and I was able to still finish."

Vance Walker is now the youngest Ninja ever to hold a Safety Pass

What does that mean for the National Finals?

Season 13 complete results: Night three of Semifinals

Once again, many of the competitors could not crack Padlock.

Night three of Semifinals: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

18 more National Finalists!

American Ninja Warrior season 13 recap: Night three of Semifinals

The teens ruled this night right down to the final moments.

There’s so much to look out for on night three of the Semifinals

Tonight, we’ll see episode three out of only four Semifinals courses.

Can Sean Bryan hold on after a hard hit at the Semifinals?

Things get bumpy in this preview of his run from the third night of the Semifinals.

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: Night three of Semifinals

Tune in on Monday, August 16 at 8 pm EST/PST.

Take a closer look at each step of the new Power Tower

The races are such a blur. Let’s slow it down for a second.

Before he heads off to college, True Becker is heading to the National Finals

He’s studied this competition and he’s ready for the final exam.

Casey Rothschild’s season is about much more than just obstacles

She appreciates every chance she gets to represent her community.

Amir Malik on his first trip to the National Finals: ‘I just want my shot to shine.’

He did great during season 12. But he wants more.

Rachel Degutz takes us through her Semifinals run step-by-step

And the next step? The National Finals.

Jay Lewis rides a wave of success to the National Finals

"Having all my runs so far go basically as well as they could have, it’s something you always hope for."