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Jamie Rahn on season 12: ‘I always have the goal of leaving no obstacle incomplete.’

He’s six for six on his goal so far this season.

Daniel Gil’s quick decisions illustrate the importance of every second this season

Sure, it’s a race to the buzzer, but there’s a lot to consider.

Jesse Labreck set a buzzer record with her Qualifying run

But you know there’s no way she’s done for the season.

Ashley McConville’s joyful run moves her to the Semi-Finals

"I convinced myself that if I did poorly, it was going to effect what people thought of me. It doesn’t."

Night two of Qualifiers: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

For the first time, hitting a buzzer did not mean a Ninja would advance.

Season 12 complete results: Night two of Qualifiers

14 Ninjas reached the buzzer in total.

American Ninja Warrior season 12 recap: Night two of Qualifiers

We got a chance to see just how high the stakes are this season.

Some of Twitter’s best reactions to the American Ninja Warrior premiere

No one captures the show quite like the Twitter fans!

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: Night two of Qualifiers

Monday, September 14 on NBC.

JJ Woods’ run highlights the ‘Ninjas For Black Lives’ mission

You’ll see many of this season’s competitors wearing the group’s logo on the course.

Sneak a peek at night two of the Qualifiers

Another group of legends and rookies are lined up for Monday night!

Mike Wright on his first buzzer, ‘I didn’t have the experience in the past, but I do now’

After the ups and downs, he’s poised to make season 12 his year.

Pauline Avila provided a powerful picture of the struggles of frontline heroes

There is no doubt she’s a warrior, regardless of the obstacles on the course.

Watch Sandy Zimmerman’s Qualifying run for season 12

Proving moms are capable of anything!

Grant McCartney on his lunge for the Mega Wall, ‘If anyone offers me $10,000 to try something, I’m probably going to try it’

Grant reflects on coming into the season with little notice and making it work.

After a stunning start, Jody Avila has big plans for season 12

He had the top time on night one of Qualifiers and he’s not interested in slowing it down.

Allyssa Beird already has one buzzer this year. She wants more.

Quarantine might have set her up for more success than ever.

Nate Hansen on hitting the buzzer: ‘I’m living proof that if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.’

Nate gifted us with the first buzzer of the season with his inspirational run.

Season 12 complete results: Night one of Qualifiers

Just the facts.

Night one of Qualifiers: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

These 13 Ninjas are off to the Semi-Finals.

American Ninja Warrior season 12 recap: Night one of Qualifiers

The Ninjas are BACK!

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: Season 12’s premiere episode

The course is back on Monday, September 7 at 8pm EST/PST on NBC.

Take a closer look at the first episode of season 12 with these preview photos

This is going to be a season like no other.