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These 4 Ninjas went out earlier than we expected in the season 12 Qualifiers

Sometimes even the most experienced Ninjas get knocked out in American Ninja Warrior.

Meagan Martin on her Qualifying run: ‘It’s always hard when you can’t execute exactly how you want.’

It wasn’t perfect, but Meagan still had a lot to celebrate and she will return for the Semi-Finals.

Mady Howard’s strategy for her first buzzer: ‘I was just trying keep calm and take it one obstacle at a time.’

The ICU nurse kicked off her season with her very first buzzer.

Watch Tiana Webberley’s very sweet first buzzer

After six seasons, it was her time and we can’t think of a Ninja more deserving!

Michael Torres’ rapid run was inspired by his drive to save his teammates

He wanted nothing more than to give Jimmy Choi and Kyle Shulze one more chance.

Meet the only ‘Ninja group’ to have every member hit a buzzer

The fun-loving Ninjas kept it relaxed and supportive and they ALL hit buzzers!

Joe Moravsky walks us through his stellar Qualifiers performance

Why pick and choose when you can just do it all?

Season 12 complete results: Night four of Qualifiers

Get to the buzzer and get there quickly.

Night four of Qualifiers: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

There was no room for error if a Ninja wanted to make this top 12.

American Ninja Warrior season 12 recap: Night four of Qualifiers

So many buzzers! But is that a good thing?

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: Night four of Qualifiers

Remember there is a time change this week!

Watch rookie Amir Malik speed through the course in this preview clip

It cuts off before the Warped Wall, but we’re feeling pretty good about his chances.

Pick your top five buzzers from this season (so far)

Who’s buzzers stick out the most in your mind?

American Ninja Warrior is NOT on tonight (Monday, September 28)

The NHL Stanley Cup Finals will take the show’s spot this week

Watch former San Francisco Giant Gary Brown hit the course

He has a World Series ring, but can he get a buzzer?

Ninja Warrior’s last round of Qualifiers features a slew of veteran competitors

This is an intense group of Ninjas!

Thomas Stillings made an emotional, and successful, return to the course

It’s been a very long year for Thomas and his wife, Zoe.

R.J. Roman on his fierce Qualifying run: ‘I like to run angry.’

Don’t get in R.J. Roman’s way!

Sean Bryan’s return might be thanks in part to production’s delay

He used the extra time to train after rehabbing his shoulder.

R.J. Roman and Sean Bryan went for broke on the Power Tower

We loved this face-off!

Watch Najee Richardson end his buzzer drought

He got the ball rolling on what will hopefully be a great season!

David Campbell’s simple advice for Ninja Warrior success: ‘Breathe.’

It may have helped him earn $10,000.

Jessie Graff says the course is her chance to test herself and play

She spent the off season rehabbing injuries, but returned with a strong run to the buzzer.

Season 12 complete results: Night three of Qualifiers

The Lunatic Ledges knocked out a crazy number of competitors.

Night three of Qualifiers: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

Jessie Graff ranks in the top competitors once again.

American Ninja Warrior season 12 recap: Night three of Qualifiers

The episode featured a Power Tower match up we never saw coming, but it was perfect.

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: Night three of Qualifiers

Monday, September 21 at 8pm EST/PST.

Pictures from night three tease returning Ninjas and new obstacles

A big group of fan-favorites are heading back to the course.

Watch Jake Murray and Ethan Swanson sail through the new Power Tower

This is one heck of a way to wrap up the Qualifying episodes!

Abel Gonzalez wasn’t slowed down by the pandemic: ‘If you’re going to be a pro, you have to be ready.’

He always keeps his eyes on the prize and his heart on his motivation.

Season 12’s format plays right into Ethan Swanson’s strengths

He’s been fast before. Now it really comes in handy.

Nick Hanson wrapped up his season with the Mega Wall

$10,000 isn’t a bad consolation prize!