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Bigfoot crashed and trashed the Seattle/Tacoma course

Who knew hairy hands were so helpful on the course!

Sean Bryan’s Speed Pass made the City Finals a ‘bunch of fun’

With the National Finals already secured, he had the rare chance to relax on a course.

Watch Meagan Martin’s Seattle/Tacoma City Finals run

You can learn more about this run on the American Ninja Warrior podcast.

Relaxed, fun, and quite successful — Dan Yager takes an unconventional approach

The Seattle/Tacoma courses were good to Dan.

Nick Hanson credits Ninja friends for pushing him, making him a stronger Ninja

He experienced success on the Seattle/Tacoma City Finals course.

Meagan Martin’s early exit provided her with valuable healing time

She tells the American Ninja Warrior podcast how not heading to Vegas might be the best thing for her.

Karson Voiles on the Power Tower, ‘There was no way I was going to lose that race.’

He’s heading back to the National Finals with the Safety Pass in his possession.

Jessie Graff takes third place at the Seattle/Tacoma City Finals with a run that was anything but easy

She’s moving on to the National Finals.

Seattle/Tacoma City Finals: Full results and all competitors

The Lightning Bolts created a stormy night on the course.

Seattle/Tacoma City Finals recap: Lightning strikes more than twice

The course showed no mercy. The Ninjas fought tooth and nail.

Who’s ready for some Ninja action tonight – indoor, Tacoma Dome style!?

These photos will get you in a Ninja state of mind (without giving away too many details, of course).

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: Seattle/Tacoma City Finals

Monday, August 5, at 8/7c on NBC.

Watch Sandy Zimmerman’s impressive Seattle/Tacoma City Finals run

The first mom up the Warped Wall charged through the City Finals course.

Featured Fanshot

Lance Pekus' Seattle/Tacoma Qualifying run

The Cowboy Ninja returned in grand style for the season! He was the only Ninja of the night to beat the Mega Wall. Find out more about how Lance was feeling that day with the American Ninja Warrior podcast, here.

Watch Jackson Meyer’s full run from the Seattle/Tacoma Qualifiers

The run was not featured on the episode in its entirety.

Meagan Martin had us nervous, but she’ll be back for the City Finals

She shares her drive and goals for the season in this interview.

Sean Bryan on his humble return to Ninja Warrior, ‘I hope people would see me as an ordinary guy’

The Papal Ninja wants to inspire and motivate others with his jaw-dropping runs.

Jake Murray doesn’t mind what others think, he’ll do it his way

He made quite the entrance for his fifth season and his return to the buzzer.

Sandy Zimmerman reflects on her run, ‘This huge, big dream is actually happening.’

She’s now the first mom to complete a Qualifying course.

Jessie Graff returned “home” to the American Ninja Warrior course.

Jessie’s homecoming at the Seattle/Tacoma Qualifiers included a buzzer and a lot of smiles.

Lance Pekus did what no other Ninja was able to do in Tacoma

Learn more about this mega-talented Ninja on the American Ninja Warrior Podcast with Nikki Lee

Season 11 Seattle/Tacoma Qualifiers: Full results and all competitors

96 Ninjas faced down the course, featuring new and returning obstacles.

Season 11 Seattle/Tacoma Qualifiers: Who’s moving on to the City Finals

One Ninja made the Mega Wall, and two women completed the course!

Seattle/Tacoma Qualifiers recap: A location full of firsts, twists, and fun

The show’s first indoor location featured great moments and a chilling shock.

A First Look at the Seattle/Tacoma Indoor Course

These photos are great, but all they do is leave us wanting more!

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: The Seattle/Tacoma Qualifiers

The very first indoor City Qualifiers air TONIGHT at 8/7c on NBC!

Ninja Warrior took a gamble in Seattle/Tacoma and it paid off

We’re pretty sure the new setup was a hit.

These Ninjas are heading to the Seattle/Tacoma course

Their shot at the Qualifiers is just a little over a month away.