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Oklahoma City

Watch Josh Harris take on the Oklahoma City Finals course

The "Food Dude" passed out healthy snacks before his run.

Jody Avila sets his sights high, ‘I 100% honestly know that I can hit four buzzers in Vegas’

With his first City Finals finish under his belt, he’s ready for so much more.

Watch the thrilling Power Tower race between Daniel Gil and Mathis Owhadi

It was a showdown between friends and training partners.

Taylor Amann heads to the National Finals in her rookie season

The pole vaulter topped the women’s leaderboard in the Oklahoma City Finals

David Wright found sweet success in Oklahoma City

The rookie completed the Qualifying and City Finals course.

Barclay Stockett carried her emotions with her during Oklahoma City Finals run

We knew she was determined, but this was something else entirely.

Daniel Gil looks ahead, ‘ I expect to hit several more buzzers this year, starting with Stage One’

He’s moving on with confidence, regardless of the Safety Pass.

‘Never give up’ is about more than Ninja Warrior for Maggi Thorne

On the latest American Ninja Warrior podcast, Maggi delves into some very tough subjects.

Oklahoma City Finals: Full results and all competitors

The Crazy Clocks returned with a vengeance.

Oklahoma City Finals: Advancing National Finalists

This is going to be a group to keep an eye on!

Oklahoma City Finals recap: Determination on full display

No one wanted to go home early tonight.

Take a first look at the Oklahoma City Finals

We’re so ready to see all the action!

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: Oklahoma City Finals

Monday, July 29 at 8/7c on NBC

Megan Jarmosevich & James Gross, competitors in the OKC Qualifiers, have something in common with 23 other competitors in that city.

Those stinking Diving Boards.

Matthew Day’s strategy on the Ninja course was pretty simple.

"When I was on the course, it was more instinct. I wasn’t really trying to consciously think about what I was doing."

From falling on the first obstacle to celebrating atop the Mega Wall, Karsten Williams has experienced it all.

Karsten is in his 7th season on American Ninja Warrior!

Maggi Thorne reminds fans to always be themselves

"Whoever you are supposed to be, do that, with joy." -Maggi Thorne

Barclay Stockett is following her dreams through American Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior helps Barclay pursue strength and all of her goals, while still having fun.

After the Oklahoma City Qualifiers, Daniel Gil is on track to achieve his personal expectations for Season 11.

And he has some very high expectations!

Quest O’Neal is the guest of honor on the latest American Ninja Warrior podcast.

The second ANW podcast of the season is out, and Nikki Lee dishes up plenty of inspiration from the perspective of Season 10 breakout star, Quest O’Neal.

Season 11 Oklahoma City Qualifiers: Full results and all competitors

Diving Boards and water... there’s a connection to be made.

Season 11 Oklahoma City Qualifiers: Who’s moving on to the City Finals

31 Ninjas will compete in the next round in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City Qualifiers recap: A little bit of leaderboard deja vu

Some consistently quick Ninjas launched themselves to the top once again.

Oklahoma City photos offer a sneak peek of the Oklahoma City athletes & obstacles

Get ready for Oklahoma City action tonight on NBC at 8pm EST.

Learn how Mathis “The Kid” Owhadi was feeling before his return to the course

Take a first look at this run in the Oklahoma City Qualifiers

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: The Oklahoma City Qualifiers

After a week away, the show moves to Mondays.

No matter the weather, Oklahoma City shows Ninja Warrior the love

The weather didn’t want to cooperate, but city still provided a warm welcome.

Get ready, Oklahoma City Ninjas!

The calls for the third region have begun.