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Reflecting on season 11: Episode #2 – Tyler Gillett in the Atlanta City Qualifiers

Tyler hit 4 buzzers this season!

The second podcast of season 11 shed light on an ANW relationship that doesn’t often get shown on TV

Quest credits a behind-the-scenes production crew member with paving her way onto the show.

Roo Yori: 5 Fun facts about a fun guy

The ANW podcast gives us the scoop on Roo!

Kevin Carbone on his third season, ‘I want them to know that I’m also an obstacle crusher.’

The obstacle designer is in the process of taking courses apart this year.

Kenny Niemitalo has one clear mission: Get Jordan a kidney now

Time is of the essence and Kenny needs us to know that.

Caitlyn Bergstrom on her family’s Ninja Warrior advice, ‘Don’t be a weenie’

The rookie advances alongside her brother, Caleb.

Climber Jody Freeman has big goals for Las Vegas

The rookie wants a crack at Stage Three.

For Tyler Gillett, the Atlanta City Finals was a goal three years in the making

The City Finals buzzer was an important milestone for him.

Drew Drechsel will ride a wave of success into the National Finals

His season is already historic, but it’s not over yet.

R.J. Roman delves into the past experiences that made him who he is today

R.J. shares more about his past on the American Ninja Warrior podcast.

Atlanta City Finals: Full results and all competitors

Up For Grabs knocked 11 Ninjas off the course.

Atlanta City Finals: Advancing National Finalists

With Drew Drechsel leading the pack, these 17 Ninjas are off to Vegas.

Atlanta City Finals recap: Weather tried to dampen this competition

The Ninjas faced a damp course and the challenging obstacles.

Former NFL player Tyrone Poole heads to the Ninja Warrior City Finals

He already has two Super Bowl rings, but he’s got his sights set on the National Finals.

Take a first look at the Atlanta City Finals action

The show returns to the highly anticipated region.

Kevin Carbone brings some fancy moves to the Atlanta City Finals course

Take a first look at his run.

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: The Atlanta City Finals

Monday, July 22 at 8/7c on NBC.

Travis Rosen showed us, ‘when unexpected, horrible circumstances happen, you can still bounce back.’

His return to the course after a terrible injury was like something out of a dream.

Mindy Hylton and Glenn Davis inspired at the Atlanta Qualifiers

They were Atlanta crowd favorites.

Ryan Stratis claimed a second trip to the top of the Mega Wall

The 11-time competitor is the first to achieve the accomplishment.

Was Drew Drechsel hunting for the Power Tower? Maybe yes, maybe no.

He always aims for a great run. This time there just happened to be an additional prize.

Jessica Clayton proved her mantra, ‘I’m capable. I’m powerful’

Her Atlanta Qualifying run was a gusty show of determination.

American Ninja Warrior debuts second season of podcast with guest Roo Yori

The podcast will be hosted this season by Nikki Lee, editor of ANW Nation.

Season 11 Atlanta Qualifiers: Full results and all competitors

It was a good night, but the course still had a bite to it.

Season 11 Atlanta Qualifiers: Who’s moving on to the City Finals

It was a heated race for the top of the leaderboard.

Atlanta Qualifiers recap: It looks like some Ninjas can have it all

The Ninjas just couldn’t stop smashing through their goals in Atlanta.

Watch Casey Suchocki’s painful but determined Atlanta Qualifying run

After injuring his knee, Casey has to dig deep to stay focused.

Atlanta Qualifiers featured four-legged Ninjas!

The eager pups stepped up to the doggie Warped Wall.

Atlanta photos tease new obstacles and returning Ninjas

Just a little something to look at while we wait for the episode.

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: The Atlanta Qualifiers

Wednesday, June 5, at 8/7c on NBC.

The Atlanta taping is in the books. Here are our thoughts.

Well, the ones we can tell you.

Make your Atlanta Ninja Warrior predictions now

The region’s Qualifiers and City Finals are just days away.