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Zach Day, season 10’s youngest rookie, reflects on his year

His debut season was physically strong and emotionally trying.

Look back at season 10: The Philadelphia course

The city delivered great moments in Qualifiers and City Finals.

77 days in the walk-on line haven’t dulled Dave Cavanagh’s passion

He’s heading back to the National Finals for the second year in a row.

Take a look at some of this season’s wildest costumes

Allyson Felix reviewed this year’s fashion moments on Ninja Warrior Weekly

Jamie Rahn talks about his ‘new drive’ on American Ninja Warrior: Inspiring others

He sat down with Matt and Akbar for the Ninja Warrior podcast.

James McGrath on his season so far: ‘I’m finally strong again’

After a long road with a shoulder injury, the Beast is feeling better.

McKinley Pierce appreciated every moment on the course

She applied her learnings from the Qualifiers to her next run.

Jamie Rahn’s National Finals streak is now up to six

He’s enjoying a pretty banner year in his life.

After all that Ninja Warrior success, Allyssa Beird still says, ‘I’m a teacher first’

Her goal is to get back to Stage Two.

Watch Najee Richardson earn his first City Finals buzzer

It’s about time!

Rookie Zach Day poured his heart into the City Finals

His father was with him on the course.

Chris Wilczewski’s epic comeback continues

He earned the fastest finish in both the Philadelphia Qualifiers and City Finals.

Michelle Warnky: ‘You’re never fully satisfied as a Ninja”

This is her sixth season as a top competitor.

Philadelphia City Finals: Full results and all competitors

The Captain’s Wheel was tough, but the Lightning Bolts claimed the most victims.

Philadelphia City Finals: Who’s moving on to the National Finals

A total of 15 Ninjas will advance from this region.

Philadelphia City Finals: The Ninjas showed up ready for a fight

Their indomitable spirits clashed with a brutal extended course.

How to watch the Philadelphia City Finals

Can the birthplace of our nation provide more history?

Michelle Warnky talks about the moment she knew Ninja Warrior was her future

Check out the latest episode of the American Ninja Warrior podcast.

Mega Wall stats and Michelle Warnky star on this Ninja Warrior Weekly

Michelle on the Philadelphia Qualifiers, and who’s taken home the $10k so far.

Watch Chad Riddle’s Philadelphia Qualifying run

The Kindergarten teacher was flooded with emotions on the course.

Amputee Ryan Carson runs the Philadelphia course after only 3 weeks of training

Watch his full American Ninja Warrior Qualifying run.

Jason Avant’s Philadelphia Qualifiers run

The former Eagles wide receiver took on the course.

Chris Wilczewski’s comeback was like something out of a movie

Nothing was going to stop Chris on this course.

Allyssa Beird delivered once again in Philadelphia

Watch her full run here.

Casey Rothschild on her historic Philadelphia debut

She’s the youngest female rookie in history to reach the buzzer.

Najee Richardson talks leg cramps, the Mega Wall, and where he’s heading this season

The Flying Phoenix was just as worried as we were.

Michelle Warnky’s greatest tool this season is her confidence

She’s trusting her training and it put her right back at the buzzer.

Philadelphia Qualifiers: What you didn’t see

The brand new Lightning Bolts were no joke.

Philadelphia Qualifiers: Who’s moving on to the City Finals

The Mega Wall was summited twice and three women hit the buzzer!

Philadelphia Qualifiers recap: The record-breaking city brought it once again

For the second time, the Philly Ninjas decided to make some history!

Give us your Philadelphia Qualifiers predictions!

The city has a LOT to live up to.

How to watch the Philadelphia Qualifiers

Monday, June 25 at 9/8c.