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National Finals

The smallest error ended Joe Moravsky’s fifth time on Stage Three

He knows just how unforgiving this course is.

Daniel Gil took the top time on a very difficult Stage Three

Watch his Stage Three and Four runs here.

With his first Stage One buzzer, Chris DiGangi is having a heck of a season.

He and fiancé Jesse Labreck both competed at the National Finals!

Michael Johnson on the ‘ups and downs’ of his second season

We spoke with Michael the day before his Stage One run.

Look back at season 10: The National Finals

Season 10 closed with some incredibly difficult new obstacles.

Jesse Labreck: ‘This is what Ninja is. Falling, getting back up’

Her Stage One run closed her Season 10 as the farthest advancing woman and as a top Ninja once more.

Ninja Warrior’s crew and competitors share their favorite moments

They shared their thoughts with Allyson Felix for Ninja Warrior Weekly.

There’s no denying that Jake Murray claimed his comeback

Stage Two didn’t go as planned, but that doesn’t wipe out his accomplishments.

Daniel Gil had a lot to celebrate this season

Three buzzers and $10k. That’s a lot to smile about.

Jamie Rahn gave us superhero moments at the National Finals

His season ended with the difficult Wingnut Alley.

Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi made the very most of his season

Not a shabby way to kick off his Ninja career.

Najee Richardson on the run that broke all our hearts

It all came down to just a few lost seconds.

Sean Bryan calls season 10 a ‘huge learning experience’

The Papal Ninja spoke with us about what those National Finals courses were like.

Drew Drechsel takes us through every step of the National Finals courses

We spoke with the Real Life Ninja 24 hours after his Stage Three run.

American Ninja Warrior finale: Full results and all competitors

Stages Two and Three were a masterclass in pain.

National Finals finale recap: Season 10 closes with monster courses

The Ninjas gave it absolutely everything they had.

How to watch the American Ninja Warrior season 10 finale

30 Ninjas will try. Who will be left standing?

Abel Gonzalez went from walk-on to Stage Two in just his rookie year

He looked back at that season for the Ninja Warrior podcast.

Jake Murray gives a play-by-play breakdown of his Stage One run

Check out the exclusive interview he gave Ninja Warrior Weekly.

Kevin Bull’s mindful approach to Ninja Warrior training

His tactics led to another strong season for The Bull

Kenny Niemitalo’s goal was to find Liza a kidney. Can you help?

Every second on the course, he was hoping someone would reach out to help Liza.

Eric Middleton and his bug snacks head to Stage Two

Matt and Akbar better be hungry.

Barclay Stockett wants to be the ‘comeback kid’

She’s taking in and learning from everything this season has offered her.

Najee Richardson: ‘I am very, very, very determined to get back on Stage Three’

One stage down, one more to go if he wants to get revenge on the Ultimate Cliffhanger.

With her busy life, Meagan Martin is still a top competitor

She felt a little unprepared, but her performances said otherwise.

Rookie Lucas Reale: “When tragedy strikes, you don’t have to stay down”

He completed Stage One on the three-year anniversary of his father’s passing.

Nicholas Coolridge pushes himself to the ‘edge’ to stay sharp

It helped him hit his third consecutive Stage One buzzer.

Drew Drechsel has never let Stage One of the National Finals take him down

He’s on the hunt for Stage Three and beyond.

Jake Murray: ‘I think I lost sight of the fact that I tend to perform best when I’m loose’

After a little fun at the starting line, Jake took home the fastest time on Stage One.

National Finals Stage One: Full results and all competitors

Congratulations to all 97 competitors!

National Finals: Stage one finishers

They better get ready. Next up is Stage Two.

National Finals night two recap: Stage One wraps up with another brutal battle

Stage One and the Ninjas went head to head once again.