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Look back at season 10: The Minneapolis course

The last stop on the qualifying tour.

Sean Darling-Hammond walks the walk when it comes to being the Giving Ninja

It’s his life’s work to help others.

Ian Dory has a flawless City Finals record

Five years. Five City Finals buzzers.

Sara Heesen had an army of fans cheering her on


Lance Pekus is enjoying a ‘rejuvenated’ season

He’s at ease on the course, knowing Heather is there to support him.

Tyler Gillett: ‘My expectations are always high. I’m always really hard on myself.’

After 7 years of work, he’s living out his Ninja dreams.

Abby Clark went from an early exit to the National Finals

She’s a quick learner who’s excelled after just one season.

Jake Murray shook off his lingering dread in Minneapolis

Season nine’s early fall has stayed with him.

Joe Moravsky on City Finals: ‘I want to finish the whole stinking course’

He did NOT want a repeat of season eight.

After that City Finals run, Jon Alexis Jr. is eyeing Stage Three

He told us he had two expectations this season: A City Finals buzzer and breaking into Stage Three

Meagan Martin talks the mental mindset that’s kept her consistent for 5 seasons

Her life is a whirlwind. It’s all about staying focused under pressure.

Minneapolis City Finals: Full results and all competitors

The Iron Maiden lived up to its reputation as a torture device.

Minneapolis City Finals: Who’s moving on to the National Finals

The final 17 Ninjas heading to Las Vegas.

Minneapolis City Finals recap: A nearly perfect end to the City Finals

The episode was incredibly satisfying with some great surprises.

Watch Jake Murray’s Minneapolis City Finals run

Jake is still hungry for redemption.

How to watch the Minneapolis City Finals

It’s the last chance to qualify for the National Finals.

Allyson Felix breaks down the Minneapolis Qualifiers

Bugs, body surfing, and lots of buzzers.

Sara Heesen and Sarah Schoback sit down with the Ninja Warrior podcast

The Minneapolis City Finalists chat with hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila.

Featured Fanshot

Gavin MacCall's Minneapolis Qualifiers run

Gavin is the dad of little Ninja Lylah. Six-year-old Lylah has stunned the world with her viral videos of her backyard course. Now Gavin wants his turn as a Ninja! He only makes it to the Double Twister but he has a lot of fun getting there.

Featured Fanshot

Maggi Thorne's Minneapolis Qualifiers run

The sidelines were bursting with Ninjas all there to support Maggi during her run. She looked strong on the course but spent a considerable amount of time on the Double Twister. She tried to take a rest on the Ring Jump to regain from strength. However, the tricky obstacle ended her run.

Jake Murray focused on obstacles, not antics, for his Ninja Warrior return

He wasn’t going to leave anything to chance this season.

Meagan Martin maintains her steady streak of City Finals appearances

This is the fifth year in a row she’s qualified.

Jenn Roder’s unbridled joy brought the crowd to their feet

Jenn Roder fought cancer, this course was not going to get her down.

Austin Gray doesn’t flinch when it comes to helping friends or facing the course

The rookie recently donated a kidney and jumped right back into training.

With his wife back on the sidelines, there was no stopping Lance Pekus.

Their decision to share Heather’s experience with MS has changed Lance’s approach to the season.

Abby Clark took down an old foe to reach her first buzzer

Everything lined up to make sure Abby faced the Ring Jump again.

Enedina Stanger on her incredible run: “This body is going to take me far.”

"There’s a way to go through it, go around it, to work with it, and to be a stronger person because of it."

Only Joe Moravsky could be disappointed in that run

We talked to the last Ninja standing on what’s different this year, and his expectations.

Minneapolis Qualifiers: Full results and all competitors

99 Ninjas tried a course. A LOT fell on the Ring Jump.

Minneapolis Qualifiers: Who’s moving on to the City Finals

Here are the 33 Minneapolis City Finalists.

Minneapolis Qualifiers recap: A moving night of meaningful runs

Triumphs on and off the course.

Eric Middleton might be the first Ninja Matt and Akbar did NOT cheer on

There was a lot on the line for the hosts.