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Jessica Clayton on staying strong no matter what obstacle you’re handed

The mom of three has faced challenges on and off the course.

Look back at season 10: The Miami course

The City Finals course was so tough that only three Ninjas reached the buzzer.

Jessie Graff talks to Ninja Warrior Weekly about her City Finals run

The episode also featured a cross-over with ANW Nation.

Ryan Stratis gets real about the pressures of Ninja Warrior

He’s pretty much seen it all when it comes to American Ninja Warrior.

Neil Craver returned with a more measured approach to the obstacles

He missed season nine due to a shoulder surgery.

Bootie Cothran predicted his breakout

Bootie worked hard to make his fifth season the best one yet.

Ryan Stratis was the first to clear the Miami City Finals course

He was also one of only three Ninjas to reach the buzzer.

Rachael Goldstein looks back at the run that sent her to the National Finals

Her Miami City Finals run placed her in the top 15.

There was much more than a buzzer on the line for Kenny Niemitalo

Every second he was on the course raised awareness for children in need of kidney donors.

Drew Drechsel: ‘It doesn’t even matter what obstacle they throw at me’

He didn’t hit the buzzer in City Finals, but he’s still planning on taking home the million bucks.

Watch Jessie Graff rise to the top of the field once again

She placed fifth over all at the Miami City Finals.

Miami City Finals: Full results and all competitors

32 competitors stepped up to the course. 3 reached the buzzer.

Miami City Finals: Who’s moving on to the National Finals

15 more Ninjas are off to Las Vegas.

Miami City Finals recap: It’s way too early for this

Quick falls and Crazy Clocks caught the Ninjas off guard.

First Look: Jessie Graff’s Miami City Finals run

She wants the National Finals, but she also wants to finish this course.

Watch Drew Drechsel’s Miami City Finals run

Can he get back to the buzzer?

How to watch the Miami City Finals

Monday, July 30 at 8/7c

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Bootie Cothran breaks down each step of his Miami run

He built his first Qualifying buzzer on years of experience.

Ninja Warrior Weekly host Allyson Felix is definitely a Jessie Graff fan

Really, who isn’t a fan?

Featured Fanshot

Charity LeBlanc's season 10 Miami Qualifying run

Charity LeBlanc definitely stood out on the American Ninja Warrior course. She was the only mermaid there! Charity is a mom and social media star who's known as the Mermaid Ninja. But she wasn't quick to the water. It wasn't until the Ring Turn that she took a splash.

Featured Fanshot

JJ Wood's season 10 Miami Qualifying run

JJ is fan-favorite on American Ninja Warrior. But the course doesn't care about that. JJ had an early exit when he fell on the balance obstacle, Razor's Edge. We're sure he'll use this as motivation to come back stronger next season!

Watch Bootie Cothran earn his first Qualifying buzzer

Bootie bandwagon in full effect!

Watch Jessica Clayton’s fierce fight on the Miami Qualifying course

Nothing stands in the way of this Ninja.

Possibly the happiest ‘Moose’ ever beat the Miami Qualifying course

Morgan Wright is a strong contender with a seriously joyful demeanor.

Ryan Stratis says, ‘This year, I’m doing the best I’ve ever done.’

Watch his full Miami Qualifiers run and read what he had to say about the night

Even Drew Drechsel’s slip couldn’t keep him away from the fastest time

Watch his full run from Miami Qualifiers.

Jessie Graff shares why she almost didn’t get to compete in Miami

Her dream job means she needs to take extra care of herself.

What you didn’t see: Miami Qualifiers

101 Ninjas ran the course.

Miami Qualifiers: Who’s moving on to the City Finals

11 Ninjas completed the course and there was one trip up the Mega Wall!

Miami Qualifiers recap: Heroes rise on the Ninja course

This episode ran the gamut of emotions from elation to heart-ache.

What are your Miami Qualifiers predictions?

Sound off on what you think will happen tonight!

MSD coach and teacher stood strong against the obstacles for his community

Gabe Stewart didn’t have long to prepare for Ninja Warrior. But you need to see his run.