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Los Angeles

What’s it like to be a Ninja Warrior for a decade?

10-time competitors Brian Kretsch and David Campbell take a look back at the experience.

Look back at season 10: The Los Angeles course

The city featured nine finishers and some extra dinosaurs.

Kevin Bull gets personal in the new Ninja Warrior podcast

He sat down with Matt and Akbar to talk about life on and off the course.

Kevin Bull talks with Allyson Felix on how he’s prepping for the National Finals

This episode of Ninja Warrior Weekly breaks down the LA City Finals.

Featured Fanshot

Jesse Orenshein's Los Angeles City Finals run - Season 10

Jesse's catchphrase on the course was "Mazel Tough." He's an Orthodox Jew and definitely very strong. He almost peeled off the Flying Shelf Grab but managed to save it. He grinned his way down the course, making it all the way to the Giant Cubes before hitting the water.

Featured Fanshot

Zhanique Lovett's Los Angeles City Finals Run - Season 10

Zhanique was a breakout star in season nine and she returned to American Ninja Warrior with a great run in the Los Angeles Qualifiers. She made it all the way to the Doorknob Drop, the fifth obstacle. For the City Finals, she faced the obstacle once again. While she made it farther on the obstacle, she did still fall there, keeping her from the Warped Wall.

Grant McCartney was taken out by an obstacle he never saw coming

He put up a good run to the ninth obstacle, but time stood in his way.

Watch Derek Miyamoto’s LA City Finals run

Derek is enjoying a stellar sophomore season.

Anna Shumaker looks back on the City Finals and forward to Las Vegas

She’s earned her first trip to the National Finals.

Sean Bryan credits faith and focus for the fastest time at the LA City Finals

He raced to bring in the top time with less than a second to spare.

Tiana Webberley’s run is the perfect example of what dedication can accomplish

She set a goal, stayed focused, and created the best run of her career so far.

How Flip Rodriguez fought his way back to the City Finals buzzer

"Are you a person that fights through, or are you a person that gives up?"

Los Angeles City Finals: Full results and all competitors

34 competitors took on the course. Nine were able to complete it.

Los Angeles City Finals: Who’s moving on to the National Finals

Here are the first 17 Ninjas cleared to take on Stage One!

Los Angeles City Finals recap: Redemption for some, heartbreak for others

The Ninjas had to navigate new obstacles in places they didn’t expect.

Watch Kevin Bull’s Los Angeles City Finals run

He’s taking on a much tougher extended course.

How to watch the American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles City Finals

Who will be the first through to Las Vegas?

Learn more from the 4 women who tackled the Doorknob Drop

How they prep for the course, how the obstacle felt, and how it feels to be in the City Finals.

Nick Hanson’s whole outlook on Ninja Warrior changed with just two words

"Just jump."

Featured Fanshot

Natalie Duran's Los Angeles Qualifiers run, season 10

The YouTube star returned to the course. This season, she's working on her pilot's license. But her run didn't quite take flight.

Ruben Arellano proved just why his grandmother calls him ‘chivo’

The rookie bounded through the course like it was his own playground.

Grant McCartney’s run ended with one small splash

If you weren’t watching closely, you might not have noticed it at first.

Allyson Felix breaks down the Doorknob Drop

Also, help her pick a Warrior of the Week.

Kevin Bull experienced a first on the Qualifying Course

He missed the buzzer, but not his chance at the City Finals.

Brian Rambo burst on to the scene with the fastest run of the night

He cleared the course with a time of 2:26.54

Selena Laniel will return to the City Finals after this run

She’s back at the top!

This firefighter saved his family’s home and then reigned on the course

Thomas Kofron’s rookie run was the night’s first completion.

Watch Flip Rodriguez’s full LA qualifying run

It was good enough to move on, even if Flip wanted more.

Nick Hanson was the first to topple the Mega Wall in Los Angeles

After training in the bitter cold, he was more than ready.

Watch Adam Rayl somersault his way to $10,000 in Los Angeles

The Mega Wall has fallen three times so far this season.

Tiana Webberley had her sights set on defeating the fifth obstacle

On her way to that goal, she cracked the top 30!

In just her second season, Zhanique Lovett is already a pro

Her Los Angeles Qualifying run showed she can stay calm and think through the obstacles.