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Look back at season 10: The Indianapolis course

Cane Lane wasn’t playing nice.

Isaac Caldiero will not be making a return to Mount Midoriyama this season

He fell early on Block Run in Indianapolis

We are still amazed by Kyle Schulze’s latest run

You’ve never seen a performance quite like this

Madelynn McNeal saved her best run for the City Finals

Relive Madelynn’s inspiration story and run

Jesse Labreck shares her Ninja Warrior origins

Ever wonder how she got the nickname "Flex"?

Ethan Swanson flew through the city finals

The Swan avoided the water to punch a ticket for Vegas

Jeri D’Aurelio found her rhythm during the city finals

Jeri continues to inspire us with her performances

Rigel Henry is physically and mentally stronger than ever

Find out why Rigel is more than just good hair

Find out how Trevor West became Ninja’s newest star

This rookie has some serious skills!

Jesse Labreck talks city finals and beyond

Go behind the scenes of Jesse’s latest inspirational run

Indianapolis City Finals: Full results and all competitors

Cane Lane was the Ninja killer of the night.

Indianapolis City Finals: Who’s going to the National Finals

16 competitors are moving on.

Indianapolis City Finals recap: We didn’t see that coming, but that’s why we watch

This episode had some fascinating surprises in store for viewers.

Watch Kyle Schulze’s Indianapolis City Finals run

After a hard hit in the Qualifiers, he’s ready to battle the extended course.

How to watch the Indianapolis City Finals

Monday, August 6, 8/7c on NBC

Kyle Stradtman overcame the obstacles to hit the buzzer

The Dog Walkin’ Ninja put together one of the night’s most inspiring performances

Dan Polizzi shares his Ninja Warrior experience

This fire fighter set the course ablaze in Indianapolis

Find out how Isaac Caldiero preps for the course on Ninja Warrior Weekly

Allyson Felix got the returning champion to open his bag of tricks.

Travis Rosen adds to his collection of buzzers

This 43 year old is the new Mr. Consistency

Watch Nicole Martinez school the Indianapolis qualifying course

Plus Nicole teaches us about how she punched a ticket to the city finals

Watch Isaac Caldiero’s return to the Ninja Warrior course

The champion has his sights set on ALL the buzzers.

IndyCar Champion Scott Dixon became a Ninja Warrior, but he wasn’t the only driver at the track

Ty Dillon and Tony Stewart also made their Ninja Warrior fandom known.

Michael Bougher relaxed his way to the fastest time of the night

He learned from his mistakes in season nine and returned ready to show us all what he can do.

The secret to Jesse Labreck’s run: Tune in or turn off

Either focus on the task at hand, or let your body take over.

Indianapolis Qualifiers: What you didn’t see

Be careful. That second obstacle was a doozy.

Indianapolis Qualifiers: Who’s moving on to the City Finals

The city gave us 10 finishers, but no one conquered the Mega Wall.

Indianapolis Qualifiers recap: High energy and high pressure

We all watched intently as some big names returned to the course.

Watch Jimmy Choi’s moving return to the Ninja Warrior course

He sent a powerful message last season. His return is even more inspirational.

How to watch the Ninja Warrior Indianapolis Qualifiers

Monday, June 18 at 9/8c.