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Jon Stewart on season 10: ‘This year, I feel better than I have the past 56 years.’

Jon talks about the mental game that keeps him a contender on the course.

Look back at season 10: The Dallas course

We saw the Mega Wall conquered for the first time.

Ninja Warrior Weekly goes over the scary numbers of the Nail Clipper

Allyson Felix breaks down the Dallas City Finals.

Barclay Stockett thought her athletic career was over at age 18

It was actually the very start of her path to Ninja Warrior.

Featured Fanshot

Tremayne Dortch's Dallas City Finals run

Tremayne Dortch has been competing on American Ninja Warrior since season four. In that time, he's had four trips to the National Finals. However, he hasn't made it to Vegas in the past two seasons of the show. He tried to change that in Dallas, but he bounced off the Salmon Ladder and missed the cut off once more.

Featured Fanshot

Quest O'Neal's Dallas City Finals run

Quest O'Neal was a sensation from the American Ninja Warrior Dallas Qualifiers. Her exuberant run down the course won her an immediate legion of fans. Back for the City Finals, her plan was to make it far enough to move on to the National Finals. Unfortunately, her run ended with a battle on the Bouncing Spider. She wasn't able to move on, but we have a feeling she'll be back next year.

Featured Fanshot

Josh Norton's Dallas City Finals run

Josh Norton spent 22 days in the walk on line before he got his shot at the American Ninja Warrior Dallas course. During the Qualifiers, Josh fell at Crank It Up. For the City Finals, he was able to pass the obstacle and make it to the Nail Clipper. The run put him into the National Finals.

Brittany Hanks is through to her first National Finals

She had to defeat an obstacle that previously injured her to get there.

Watch Josh Salinas’ Dallas City Finals run

The sophomore reached his first City Finals buzzer with a top run of the night.

Daniel Gil completed the Dallas City Finals course in under four minutes.

10 obstacles in 3:54.73.

Abel Gonzalez heads back to the National Finals for the fourth time

He’s only missed one trip to Las Vegas in his five seasons.

Rookie Matthew Day was the second fastest Ninja for the second time

Only Daniel Gil was faster than him in both the Dallas Qualifiers and City Finals.

Trained by some of the best, Mathis Owhadi is ready to become one

The 19-year-old Ninja is through to the National Finals with two buzzers.

Barclay Stockett on the ‘night and day’ difference between her Dallas runs

She shook off the pressure and remembered to just have fun.

After recovering from a terrifying accident, Jeremiah Morgan smashed the Dallas City Finals course

Less than a year before the competition, he almost lost his life.

Dallas City Finals: Full results and all competitors

The Nail Clipper was back on top as a Ninja killer.

Dallas City Finals: Who’s moving on to the National Finals

17 more Ninjas are through to Las Vegas.

Dallas City Finals recap: New and old obstacles alike pose challenges

There was a scary new obstacle on the course, but the Ninjas had to survive an old enemy first.

Watch Barclay Stockett’s Dallas City Finals run

She was determined to put the balance obstacle behind her.

How to watch the American Ninja Warrior Dallas City Finals

Monday, July 23 at 8/7c on NBC

Watch what happens when a priest and a man in shrimping boots run the American Ninja Warrior course

Father Stephen Gadberry and Chris Cambre ran the course during the Dallas Qualifiers.

Brent Steffensen was all smiles even after a fall

He didn’t let it get to him and he’s still moving on.

Abel Gonzalez’s run was the picture of perserverance

A few hiccups didn’t hold him back.

Watch the new digital series, Ninja Warrior Weekly

The show is hosted by Olympic sprinter, Allyson Felix.

Watch Mathis Owhadi’s stellar debut run

He’s only 19, but he’d prepared for this moment for years.

Barclay Stockett will return for the Dallas City Finals

She didn’t reach the buzzer, but she’s got another chance!

This Ninja beat cancer, re-learned how to walk, and took on the course

Dr. Favia Dubyk showed us that becoming a Ninja happens before you step on an obstacle.

Jon Stewart tossed age expectations out the window

He didn’t let those 19-year-olds have all the fun.

Quest O’Neal wanted to make a name for herself, and she succeeded

The rookie’s infectious energy pushed her to the City Finals.

Daniel Gil set himself up for a stellar season with a $10,000 start

Back for his fourth season, Daniel talked to us about getting the Mega Wall, how he stays calm, and where he’s heading this year.

What you didn’t see: Dallas Qualifiers

106 Ninjas took on the Texas course.

Dallas Qualifiers: Who’s moving on to the City Finals

33 Ninjas will return to the extended Dallas course in a few weeks.