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Ninja Warrior Inspiration

Steven Moul talks with Matt Iseman about what it means to be a Ninja Warrior with autism

There is NOTHING that can stop a Ninja spirit!

The Rockford Ninja Warrior youth camp is flooded with American Ninja Warriors

Why are we not at this camp?

The physical and emotional endurance of American Ninja Warrior Rose Wetzel

The Ninja Warrior and Spartan racer talks about the longest endurance events she’s taken on.

Can you out-climb fear? How American Ninja Warrior taught me to take a fall

With the help of a Ninja Warrior, I try something that terrifies me.

Post-run exclusive: Brian Kretsch’s message to the fans

After a difficult run in the LA City Finals, Brian wants the fans to know he’s not giving up.

Taking on Anorexia & the American Ninja Warrior Course

Rookie Brittany Maddocks won't let her on-going recovery from anorexia keep her from becoming an American Ninja Warrior.

Father-son Ninjas get real about their relationship

Vance and David Yarter are father and son Ninja Warriors. Both return to the show for Season 8. Here, they talk about the special way Ninja Warrior is changing their relationship.

Ninja-spiration: Meagan Martin

Even the She-Wolf needs a little motivation.

Ninja-spiration: Ian Dory's Motivation

So who helps the Wolf-Pup reach his goals?

Meagan Martin has really good advice for your life

Meagan Martin talks about falling, fear, and how she always keeps climbing.