Two Holly Springs Athletes Thrive in 'American Ninja Warrior' Semifinals


In a thrilling journey that has captivated audiences across the nation, two athletes from Holly Springs, Isaiah Lee and Matt Kalanz, continue to shine in Season 15 of NBC's "American Ninja Warrior." Their remarkable progress in the competition's semifinals highlights not only their individual talents but also the incredible support and camaraderie that has developed between them.

Isaiah Lee and Matt Kalanz, residents of Holly Springs, have followed different paths to reach the "American Ninja Warrior" semifinals. While they compete for the coveted cash prizes, they also stand by each other's side, offering encouragement and assistance on this challenging journey.

At just 16 years old, Isaiah Lee has already surmounted significant obstacles, both in and out of Morrisville's "Warrior Tech Obstacle Racing Course." Four years ago, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, resulting in vision loss in his right eye and the development of tumors throughout his body. After undergoing surgery and healing, he was determined to compete again.

Lee's journey to "American Ninja Warrior" began as a mere pastime, but it quickly transformed his life. He recalled, "Then, I went to 'Ninja,' like, just for fun, and that like kind of changed my life." His dream of competing on NBC's "American Ninja Warrior" became a reality when he applied for the show and received the long-awaited call in January.

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