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American Ninja Warrior Junior is here and the races are electrifying

As American Ninja Warrior winds down, Junior is heating up!

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Patrick Wymore/Peacock

As American Ninja Warrior prepares to wrap up season 13, American Ninja Warrior Junior is dropping loads of new action!

The show just debuted its third season today, September 9, on Peacock, NBC’s streaming platform. In this preview, we get to see just how exciting these races will be.

Cecily Rogers, who’s known as the “Lil Beast” due to her football skills, faces Kashi Paramasivam, who has ice in his veins from his polar bear plunges. As the two rip through the course, we get a look a some of the new obstacles, like the Liquid Pipe and the Flying Saucers. We also spot some familiar ANW obstacles like the Lunatic Ledges and the Broken Bridge.

Cecily had a lead on the course until the Flying Saucers when Kashi made a strong bid to close the gap. Unfortunately for him, the speed cost his grip and he headed into the pool. Cecily wasn’t done though, with her mentor Jesse Labreck beaming on the sideline, Cecily raced up the Warped Wall to the buzzer.

And those two Ninjas? They’re nine and 10 years old.

American Ninja Warrior fans are used to hearing about ANW Jr. Many of season 13’s top competitors are teens who cut their teeth on this show. You want to know who will be a future contender on American Ninja Warrior? Watch this show.

American Ninja Warrior Junior premiered today, September 9, with two episodes. New episodes will drop every Thursday on Peacock!