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Watch Vance Walker become a Stage Three competitor

He was the first to clear Stage Two in this incredible run.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The future is bright for 16-year-old Vance Walker! His rookie season on American Ninja Warrior got even better on the second night of the National Finals when he became the first of the season to secure a spot on Stage Three.

This was Vance’s second attempt on the course. During his first attempt, he overshot the top of the Double Salmon Ladder and tumbled into the water. But since Vance has been so incredibly strong all season, he had that handy dandy Safety Pass.

His second attempt was a thing of beauty. Vance floated down the course and reached the final obstacle, the Falling Shelves. This wasn’t a new obstacle, but it now involves a dastardly final move that requires a blind, reverse grab (think Angry Birds). Vance was the only one to nail it that night.

We asked Vance about the Safety Pass earlier in the season. At that time, he sounded more concerned about Stage One.

“Having the Safety Pass means a lot. Stage One is definitely my worst stage. I have problems with committing to things and big moves. Just running through everything on the first try. It’s a huge relief to have the Safety Pass. But it’s also very scary because if I fall on Stage One twice, that would be pretty bad.”

Thankfully, Vance didn’t need any help with Stage One. Now with Stage Two behind him, all eyes will be on Vance when the 16-year-old steps up to Stage Three. The American Ninja Warrior season finale airs on Monday, September 13 at 8 pm EST/7c.