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Enzo DeFerrari Wilson is American Ninja Warrior’s youngest National Finalist ever

Could he be the youngest champion ever?

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Let’s catch up with Enzo DeFerrari Wilson. Why? Because he’s making history as the youngest competitor ever on American Ninja Warrior. After night two of the National Finals, he’s the youngest Ninja ever to head to Stage Two.

Enzo turned 15 shortly before his Qualifying run for season 13. Here we are a few weeks later as Enzo pushes into the later stages of the National Finals.

“As the youngest competitor this year, this season has meant everything to me.” Enzo shared with us. “Being able to compete with all of my mentors and my idols that I’ve seen for so long. It’s so amazing to be able to do. After watching the show for nine years, never would I imagine that I would be on it at 15. I thought I would have to wait until I was 21 when I first saw it. Then I thought I would have to wait until I was 19. Now I’m here!”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

After clearing the Qualifying course, Enzo fell on Padlock during the Semifinals. The mishap was fuel for his incredible run on Stage One.

“Falling on the eighth obstacle wasn’t something that I planned on doing. It was still good enough to bring me to the National Finals. But I’m looking for more in Vegas and I’m ready to hit another buzzer.

I prepared extra hard to make sure I wouldn’t hit that water again. Hitting that water. It was cold, it was sad, it’s something I never want to do again. We’re going to go extra hard on this course. Hit another buzzer. Make sure we’re not to hit that water again.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Well, Enzo has does have another buzzer. He stayed dry on Stage One. The sky is the limit after this.

“My expectations here in Vegas are limitless. If I put a limit on them, then I know where I’ll fall. If I say that I can clear Stage Four then I definitely can. I know I can. I’ve trained on a really tall rope. I know I’m ready.”

Could American Ninja Warrior’s youngest competitor become the youngest champion ever? We’ll find out on the season 13 finale, Monday, September 13!