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Full results from the National Finals: Stage Two

Stage Two did just what it was designed to do: Slash the field.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The season finale of American Ninja Warrior revealed the results of the 27 Ninjas who attempted Stage Two. Stage Two is purposely designed to drastically lower the number of competitors left in the game. It did just that. Only four Ninjas were able to reach the buzzer. They’ll move on to Stage Three, but here’s how all the Stage Two runs ended.

  • Course completions: 4
  • Falls on Striding Steps: 3
  • Falls on Double Salmon Ladder: 5
  • Falls on V Formation: 1
  • Falls on Hammer Drop: 5
  • Falls on Epic Air Surfer: 5
  • Falls on Falling Shelves: 6
  • Timed out: 0
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The competitors listed below are organized by obstacle only and are in no other order.

  • Donovan Metoyer: Striding Steps
  • Kai Beckstrand: Striding Steps
  • Joe Moravsky: Striding Steps
  • Isaiah Wakeham: Double Salmon Ladder
  • Jesse Labreck: Double Salmon Ladder
  • Vance Walker: Double Salmon Ladder
  • Brian Burkhardt: Double Salmon Ladder
  • Tyler Gillett: Double Salmon Ladder
  • Enzo DeFerrari Wilson: V Formation
  • Anthony Porter: Hammer Down
  • Jonathan Godbout: Hammer Down
  • Matt Bradley: Hammer Down
  • Max Feinberg: Hammer Down
  • Tyler Yamauchi: Hammer Down
  • Ryan Meeks: Epic Air Surfer
  • Kevin Carbone: Epic Air Surfer
  • Tage Herrington: Epic Air Surfer
  • Isaiah Thomas: Epic Air Surfer
  • Brian Burkhardt: Safety Pass run - Epic Air Surfer
  • Adam Rayl: Falling Shelves
  • Elijah Browning: Falling Shelves
  • Mike Silenzi: Falling Shelves
  • Sean Bryan: Falling Shelves
  • Josiah Pippel: Falling Shelves
  • Jake Murray: Falling Shelves
  • Vance Walker: Safety Pass run - Complete
  • Austin Gray: Complete
  • Kaden Lebsack: Complete
  • Kyle Soderman: Complete