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Season 13 National Finals Stage Two: Advancing Ninjas

Four Ninjas, including two teens, moved to Stage Three.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The finale of the American Ninja Warrior season 13 National Finals brought us the close of Stage Two. That means we can share the full list of competitors heading to Stage Three.

History tells us this list will be pretty short. The most competitors we’ve ever seen on Stage Three were back in season 11 when 21 Ninjas hit the Stage Two buzzer. For comparison, in season 10, we had two Stage Two clears. In season nine, we had three clears on Stage Two.

Season 13’s leaderboard has only four names. Two of which are teens. Here they are!

Stage Two finishers

  1. Kaden Lebsack: 3:01.44 (teen)
  2. Austin Gray: 3:14.57
  3. Kyle Soderman: 3:23.84
  4. Vance Walker: 3:24.72 (teen)