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Who was season 13’s fastest Ninja?

There are two names that show up three times.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Who was the fastest Ninja on American Ninja Warrior season 13? That’s a relative question, but we have evidence to present to you! Then, you’ll need to tell us.

Below, we’ve listed out who was the fastest competitor on each of the Qualifying, Semifinals, and National Finals courses. We’ve organized them in order of speed, not by episode. Since each course is different, it’s hard to say who is the absolute fastest.

Back in season 12, Jake Murray had the fastest time in the Qualifiers, Semifinals, and Finals. During season 13, his name came up three more times. Jake was the fastest on his night of the Qualifiers and then had the fastest time overall during the Semifinals and on Stage One of the National Finals.

One other competitor shows up three times on our list below. 15-year-old Kaden Lebsack had the fastest time on his night of the Qualifiers. He doesn’t have a top time again until it really matters. Kaden had the fastest finish on Stage Two of the National Finals and was the only finisher on Stage Three.

So, who would you'd declare as season 13’s fastest Ninja?


1.) Kai Beckstrand: 1:36.83

2.) R.J. Roman: 1:39.84

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

3.) Jake Murray: 1:47.20

4.) Kaden Lebsack: 1:49.09

5.) Isaiah Thomas: 2:16.67


1.) Jake Murray: 3:34.39

2.) Jay Lewis: 3:54.05

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

3.) Vance Walker: 4:17.90

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

4.) Daniel Gil: 4:40.11

National Finals

Stage One

  • Jake Murray: 1:30.62

(We couldn’t find a picture of Jake on Stage One. Guess he was too fast for photos!)

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Stage Two

  • Kaden Lebsack: 3:01.44
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Stage Three

  • Kaden Lebsack