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Will Joe Moravsky’s Safety Pass run get him to Stage Two?

In pain from food poisoning, he faces Stage One again.

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Night one of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals brought us one of the biggest shocks of the season when Joe Moravsky fell on Stage One.

Joe has a lengthy history of success on the show, including two years as the Last Ninja Standing. We know anyone can fall anywhere on the course. We’re just not used to seeing it from Joe. He fell while trying to leap from the trampoline to The High Road. But Joe’s not out of the competition yet. His stellar race on the Power Tower in the Semifinals earned him the Safety Pass.

That means on night two of the National Finals, we’ll see Joe take the course again. Here’s a preview of that run!

We’ve learned that the reason Joe seemed off on Stage One was that he was suffering from food poisoning. Yikes! In the preview of his Safety Pass run, it’s obvious Joe is still in pain. But it doesn’t seem to affect his strength. He still makes his way down the course with a good pace. This time, he lets The High Road pass him by. The video cuts off as he eyes the Fly Hooks.

Will Joe advance to Stage Two? We’ll find out on Monday, September 6, at 8 pm/7c on NBC!