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Sharing the spotlight with Ninja Warrior Shane Scudder

We didn’t see him on season 13, but he has an important message

Shane Scudder/Instagram

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on an American Ninja Warrior competitor you didn’t see on the show during season 13.

Shane Scudder ran the course in Tacoma for the Qualifiers. It wasn’t a long run, as he fell on the Shrinking Steps, but it was still inspiring. Season 13 was Shane’s second time on the course. He first competed in season 11 with a similar run in the Atlanta Qualifiers.

Shane calls himself the “Ninja Nugget.” He has dwarfism and stands at 4’10”. And nothing about that holds him back. He’s been a firefighter, a youth leader in his church, an Operating Room Care Technician. And now he’s also a Ninja coach. Essentially, nothing holds him back.

Ahead of his run for season 13, we asked Shane about his motivation and message for the viewers. Since he didn’t have a chance to share it on TV this year, we’re sharing it here.

“Being such an inspiration for kids and others who have dwarfism. Having them look at me as the Ninja Nugget and show them that what they’re capable of. I have all my students, all my kids and all the families that have dwarfism or can’t do things physically, in my heart and on my sideline.

The Ninja Nugget message is to never say never. When you look at an obstacle, or you look at something in life and you say you can’t do that, you automatically fail. You never know until you try.”

Shane has a goal to become the shortest person to ever clear the American Ninja Warrior Warped Wall. He has cleared a 14.5’ wall in his training. With an attitude like his, we’re sure we’ll see him do it on the big course one day.