I just wanted to do this again.

Christian Youst - Double Dipper

Cam Baumgartner - Jumping Spider
Megan Rowe - Fly Hooks
Nate Hansen - Double Dipper
Jonah Muñoz - Swinging Blades
Devan Alexander -
Isaiah Thomas - Double Dipper
Nate Pardo - Swinging Blades
Rachel Degutz - Clear
Ava Colasanti - Fly Hooks
Amir Malik - Slide Surfer
Casey Rothschild - Jumping Spider
Owen Dyer - Swinging Blades
Matt Bradley - Swinging Blades
Abel Gonzalez - Jumping Spider
John Uga - Double Dipper
Eric Middleton - Swinging Blades
Tiana Webberley - Tire Run
Francisco Barajas - High Road
Deren Perez - High Road
Sean Bryan - Swinging Blades
Adam Rayl - Double Dipper
Kevin Carbone - Fly Hooks
Tyler Gillett - Clear
DeShawn Harris - Jumping Spider
Lucas Reale - Double Dipper
Isabella Wakeham - Swinging Blades
Jay Lewis - Clear
Max Feinberg - Clear
Vance Walker - Dipping Birds - Warped Wall
True Becker - Fly Hooks
Elijah Browning - Dipping Birds
Austin Gray - Swinging Blades - Jumping Spider
Jody Avila - Swinging Blades
Donovan Metoyer - Dipping Birds
Caiden Madzelan - Fly Hooks
Kaden Lebsack - High Road
Joe Moravsky - Double Dipper -
Brett Sims - Double Dipper
Brittney Durant - Tire Run
Dan Champagne - High Road
Enzo Wilson - Clear
Ryan Meeks - Clear
Jamie Rahn - High Road
Meagan Martin - Dipping Birds
Brian Burkhardt - Tire Run - Warped Wall
Tyler Yamauchi - Slide Surfer
R.J. Roman - Jumping Spider
Cara Mack - Double Dipper
Heather Weissinger - Double Dipper
Bob Reese - Warped Wall
Kai Beckstrand - Slide Surfer
Jonathan Godbout - Warped Wall
Brett Hernandez Strong - Warped Wall
Lance Pekus - Double Dipper
Josiah Pippel - High Road
Zhanique Lovett - Jumping Spider
Kyle Soderman - Clear
Jake Murray - Fly Hooks
Hunter Guerard - Warped Wall
Isaiah Wakeham - Slide Surfer
Jesse Labreck - Warped Wall
Anthony Porter - Warped Wall
Tage Herrington - Jumping Spider
Mike Silenzi - High Road
Alex Begolly - Clear
Will Schlageter - Jumping Spider
Mike Beadle - High Road

Stage 2
Rachel Degutz - Clear
Tyler Gillett - V-Formation
Jay Lewis - Clear
Max Feinberg - Epic Air Surfer
Enzo Wilson - Hammer Drop
Ryan Meeks - Clear
Kyle Soderman - Double Salmon Ladder
Alex Begolly - Hammer Drop

Stage 3
Ryan Meeks - Up For Grabs
Rachel Degutz - Stalactites
Jay Lewis - Pipe Dream - LNS - $100K

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