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4 Instagram accounts to follow if you’re craving behind-the-scenes Ninja Warrior news

Get in the know with these insider accounts.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

As we head into the offseason following American Ninja Warrior’s wrap, we asked the readers to share what they’d like to see us cover. One bit of feedback we received was more behind-the-scenes content. We can do that! But while we work on that, here are a few sources we keep an eye on to make sure we’re up to date on important behind-the-scenes info.

Four Instagram accounts to follow for behind-the-scenes Ninja Warrior news

First, a little shameless self-promotion! Obviously, we recommend our account. When we can, we like to share little teases or peeks while on location. There’s secrecy involved with recording each season, so we do stay pretty tight-lipped.

But here are the OTHER four Instagram accounts we’d suggest!

A. Smith and Co. Productions

This is the production company behind American Ninja Warrior and a ton of your other favorite reality-competition shows. If you want to put your finger on the pulse of the entertainment industry, this is a good follow. For example, the post we embedded above highlights an article where Chairman Arthur Smith discusses creating shows like Ninja Warrior during a pandemic.

The ATS Team

This company handles all things obstacles. They build and managed the courses, constructing, breaking down, and hauling everything across the country year after year. Following them gives you a look at the crew, their work, and their other impressive projects. Check out that picture above of all those obstacles tucked away for the season.

A. Deign and Co.

(Old Instagram post, but you get the idea.)

A. Deign and Co. handles the casting for the show. So if you want to be a Ninja, these are the people who hold the keys. Otherwise, if you just want to be in the know, follow their account to get a sense of when the season is revving up. Casting systems have changed in the past few seasons because of the pandemic, but you’ll still want to watch that space.

Ninja Warrior

Okay, this seems like such an obvious one, right? Follow the official, NBC-run, account on Instagram. It’s more than just tune-in posts, and clips from last night’s episode. If you stay attentive, you’ll catch opportunities to chat with the Ninjas, and interact with the cast. You can ask your behind-the-scenes questions right to the source!